Value Heaven – Ebay Longline Bra

Hi everyone,

I know longline bras are one of the pinup staples but it can be difficult to make an investment in something you aren’t sure will fit or flatter you. So I tried a cheap longline bra I bought from Ebay to see if it’s worth it! I puchased it from the store Value Heaven and I obviously bought black, but it is also available in white. Continue reading

The Great Longline Bra Quest – Dita Von Teese ‘Parisienne’ Longline Bra

I was planning to post this during May the Month of Lingerie but time just flew by. I thought it would be a while longer before my next TLQ post but I saw that Farmers were having another huge Thursday sale including 50% off clearance, so this has happened.

Anyway today I will be talking about the ‘Parisienne’ longline bra from Dita Von Teese’s lingerie range. This is the Black/Vintage Pink colourway and it is a very light blush pink.


I am usually between a 32D and a 30DD, and I bought this in a 32D. The band is a little too big and I had to wear it on the tightest hooks from the start. I would say the cup size is pretty accurate however the centre gore didn’t lie flat on me, so sometimes I get a bit of gapping from the bra pulling away.Bra F closeup

The bra is 3.5” long measuring from under the underwire. This just skims my waist and I think I would prefer just an extra half an inch to secure it properly. I find this size fit’s my 27” waist quite comfortably on the tightest hook and I think it would be okay on someone with a slightly smaller waist as well.

Strap detail

Here is a close up of the strap detail ♥. Isn’t this just the cutest! A tiny velvet bow is sewn onto each of the straps, which are also velvet. The straps are actually velvet sewn onto knit fabric strips with lace edged elastic sandwiched between. They are very substantial which is nicer than just a flimsy elastic. I also find the positioning of them very good. I have a lot of trouble with straps falling off my shoulders even when tightened properly but I haven’t had that once so far with this bra.


Speaking of detail this bra has a tonne of them! The pale pink stain on this set has parallel black stitching detail all over it which I really love as it makes the fabric look less flat which happens often with satin. Also the faggoting(stitching in the open slit of the cup) detail on the cups is to die for. I didn’t realise but supposedly this detail is only featured on D+ cups and it is otherwise smooth. I looked at pictures and most of the bras on the models are missing this. I also love the different textures and patterns on this bra- there is the satin with stitching detail, a delicate floral lace overlayed on matching pink mesh, a spot mesh overlayed on the same pink mesh and a black mesh to finish off the back.


Also I can’t move on without mentioning *ahem* velvet covered underwire casing and boning channels. Swoon-worthy much?


It also has quite a low back which is always a plus as there is no risk of a bra flash with lower cut dresses.

Now it’s time for the (not so) Brief briefs overview:

I always wear my suspender belt under my underwear for ease, but here’s a side by side comparison of it first on top of the underwear, and then underneath. It looks a lot better over top of the briefs and since it has a hook and eye closure at the back I think I might just wear it over the top in the future. It was also designed with the suspender belt to be worn on top as all of the velvet stripes align that way.

The suspender belt is pretty good. My only complaint is that it is only a 4 strap, so my stockings don’t feel very secure, and as you can see in the pictures they droop pretty badly. I probably won’t use it unless I am wearing the whole set because of this. Also I would hate to see how twisted my seamed stockings would get. Other than that it is really nice. I bought this in a size 10 and wear it on the loosest or middle set of hooks, I have a 27” ish waist. I find it has some light shaping capabilities which is a nice extra.

And here’s a picture of the set without the suspender belt. Are you crying at those briefs yet? Because I sure am. It features the same paneling on the front as the rest of this set and it is very flattering as they are narrower at the waist and wider at the hips. This helps to create the illusion of more curves, which is always welcome! But the back, oh my god. The top half is black mesh which is shirred up the centre back and finished with a little velvet bow at the bottom. Then it has a panel of the spot mesh on the lower half which has to be the cutest ‘sneak peak’ ever! I bought these in a size 12 and I find they fit well around my 42” hips and aren’t too loose at the top. They are about an inch or two too short to reach my waist but I really like the height they come up to. I find a rise that comes to around my high hip is very flattering on my body.

This set is in the clearance section of Farmers at the moment so if you can find your size than lucky you! The bra is also available on Stylebop but with the matching Bikini brief and Girdle instead of High waisted brief and Suspender belt. Other places online will have this set but you may have to hunt around a little. Also I am wearing Columbine stockings in the shade ‘Misty’

Finally another installment of The Longline Bra Quest! I love this bra so much, it is comfortable, looks amazing and is very practical for what I want. I just feel like everyone need to own this bra, I feel amazing in it. I am by no means done though! Hopefully I will have a new longline bra to show off sometime in July.


The Great Longline Bra Quest – Evollove Night Sky Contour Bra

The Great Longline Bra Quest (TLQ) is a series that I hope to run throughout the course of this year, and possibly longer, I cannot say how long the journey may be. I adore longline, long line, long-line, however you prefer to type it, bras. Not those ones which have a band 1/2 inch longer than the usual but ones which actually reach my waist, or attempt to.


The first in this series is the Evollove Night Sky Contour Balconnet Bra which I purchased from Bendon. I had to have some dental work done this and afterwards thought I would treat myself to some lingerie. Luckily they are currently having a end of season sale so I was able to purchase it at 30% off.

Before I get into this review I have to backtrack a little. I own one other Evollove bra which is the Twilight Dream Demi Bra. I was browsing the clearance section of a store when I spotted a stunning blue starry bra. I normally wear a 10D/32D but the closest one to my size was a 8DD/30DD, I’m a terrible person and usually wear my bras on the tightest hook when I first buy them because the band is too loose from the start. Needless to say it fit me extremely well and was very comfortable, however the brands which are easiest for me to purchase usually only start at a size 10/32 band. Sometimes they will fit properly but other times I suffer in silence or take in the bands myself.


(I dyed my hair the night before so that’s what any grey or black splotches are)

Although the bra was released for SS13 it’s still available in all sizes at Bendon, and I’m sure if you look around the internet it’ll be on international sites. It wasn’t available in a size 10D/32D, but it was in the sister size 8DD/32DD and given my previous experience with Evollove sizing I tried it on with no hesitation. It’s a comfortably snug fit and I wear it on the loosest set of hooks which is such a nice change as it will stretch slightly with wear.

I love the shape and style of it. Although Evollove is a more full busted directed brand (with cup sizes D-G) I find their shapes still work well with shallower breasts. This is a contour bra, so it has some lift but it is caused by the shapes and seams in the cup rather than a wad of padding. It has a nice amount of coverage, not too much, not too little, but it wouldn’t be suitable for a very low cut top. It has 4 pieces of plastic boning in it, one under each cup, and one on each side so that it doesn’t wrinkle it’s way up while you sit, walk or generally exist. The different lace and mesh textures make the bra more interesting while it still remains a great everyday black bra. Even with thinner knit tops the textures only show through a minimal amount which is a relief, and it’s worth noting that the centre bow is an adorable detail.


It does get a bit uncomfortable if you are in holiday slouch mode like I am. But when I’ve been out for entire days it has remained extremely comfortable, to the extent at which I didn’t feel the bra at any point. It provides a nice light rib shaping towards the waist and combined with some high waisted or underbust shapewear it would make a fantastic combo. The bra however doesn’t finish at my waist which is something I definitely prefer with my vintage styled garments. It doesn’t give me any bulges though, and if it really bothered me it would be very simple to add some wide black elastic around the bottom.


The last thing I will say is that I adore how low the back is, which means I don’t have a million hook and eyes to do up and I can wear it with things which are low cut in the back.

If you want a good, everyday longline bra then I wholeheartedly suggest this bra. It looks nice and is very comfortable. The only downside is the shorter length, but if this doesn’t bother you or you have a shorter torso just go and buy it.


Brief briefs overview: I bought the matching briefs in a size L and they are equally as comfortable. For reference I have 41” hips. The front lace panel is a nice detail and the back is ruched to perfection. Definitely worth the matching set.

This isn’t the end of my quest! In the next bra quest post I shall be looking at the Gossard Retrolution Staylo Plunge Bra in blush.