If I Lived in Yharnam OOTD

Hi everyone,

Today I thought I’d share a little OOTD post, something I want to try doing more regularly as they are easier to photograph and write than some of my other posts. My schedule is going to be very tight for the next few months but I really want to try and put out more content.

Today’s outfit was inspired by my Bloodborne shirt and what I would probably wear on a very casual day in Yharnam. Continue reading

A New Skirt OOTD

Hi all,

Sorry I’ve missed a couple of posts, I haven’t been feeling too well recently and have had a few days off work. Anyway last week I managed to rustle up myself a new skirt out of some gorgeous fabric I found so I thought I would show it off in an OOTD post!


The fabric is a gorgeous wool blend with a diamondish pattern in pinks, blues and purples! It really reminds me of a wet city in the evening too, as if you were looking into a puddle seeing the reflection of the buildings and cars and people all around.


I did my eye makeup to match and I used both my Urban Decay and Smashbox palettes, both of which I’ve previously reviewed on here.


I’m also wearing my new lipstick which is Blue Velvet by Jeffree Star Cosmetics. I had the shade Redrum and I adored the shade and formula, it’s now completely empty now. I felt like something different so I went with this beautiful bright blue. I think it’s a really wearable shade, particularly on me, it’s not too bright and I already wear a lot of blue.


I took my photos at work today as there isn’t any sunlight left by the time I get home anymore. I’ve also reviewed the sweater I am wearing here, this is still an all time favourite and I hope to get at least one more colour of it for winter this year.

I actually made this skirt so that I could wear the pattern two ways. The above pictures show the colours going vertically, and below horizontally.

It isn’t a hug difference but I really liked how both ways looked so I wanted the option! Also I still get a pocket whichever way I wear it which is handy.


I was rushing out of the house and I decided I wanted a bit of jewellery so I chose this amazing Jubly-Umph necklace. I bought it last year I think and it is ‘The Teardrop Lighthouse’ a limited edition necklace which I am so glad I bought. I really love lighthouses and this is such a sturdy but delicate looking piece.


I love putting large circular pockets on my skirts! I find patch pockets much more convenient and it adds a point of difference.


I’m wearing my recently reviewed Columbine stockings in the shade Misty. Also apologies for the thread on my leg, had I known I would have removed it! Also I love heeled boots with some fur cuffs as the weather gets colder, I’ve gone through this is my 2nd or 3rd pair and it’s just a style I am obsessed with. This pair is getting a little tattered though so I need to start looking for some more.


Sorry it wasn’t too exciting today. I’ll try to get something up for Thursday otherwise it might just end up being next Monday. I really like this skirt and this outfit, it was perfect for a snug day as it was quite chilly finally! As an added bonus I’ll leave you with a picture of my foundations! It is May the Month of Lingerie so follow my on Instagram for daily lingerie pictures for this month. I’ll try to do a big compilation post at the end of the month too!


anna text

Botanic Garden OOTD

This Saturday I had to pleasure of going to another Wellington Pinups event! There’s a Facebook group for all of us ladies interested in the vintage/pinup scene in the Wellington region and every so often we organise big events! We had planned on having a picnic in the stunning Botanic Garden but unfortunately the weather wasn’t amazing so we opted to go to the Picnic cafe also located in the Botanic Garden. I feel like I should note I had the delicious Chicken & Almond Croissant. The chicken was coated in a curry marinade and had spinach in it too which was nice. I also had the hot chips and I have to say they were some damn good chips.

Anyway now onto the outfit pictures! Also if some of them don’t look great I was sent them over Facebook, so I think it downsized them.


I made this plaid dress the week before. I picked up the fabric for $5 as it was an end of bolt remnant. It has a foldover bust detail which is replicated on the pocket! The bust wasn’t sitting quite right and I think that is because my bust measurement has increased so it’s very snug.


Look how goddamn white my skin is.


I’m excited to wear this dress in other seasons. I’ll be able to warm it up by wearing a blouse or thermal underneath.


I also wore this 1940’s inspired jacket, also made by me. It was actually quite a warm day despite the weather as we are in the middle of summer here.


I also wore my matching chevron hairbow by Made with Love NZ.


Here’s a group shot of us all! I stole the picture from Pixie Dust but I’m not sure who took it originally.


And thank you to my good friend Miss Flossypots for supplying me with all the photos! She’s done a wonderful write up of the day over on her blog here! As had Miss Connie Constance which is located here!


Final picture! This is my David Bowie tribute beauty mark! I was so saddened after hearing of his death.

Thanks for reading (despite there not being many words)!

Boxing Day and Bodysuit

Just thought I’d do a little blog post about my Boxing Day, and it’s going to be mostly pictures. I had a pretty harrowing Christmas as I don’t like spending much time with my family, and thankfully some family friends let me escape to their house. Spending time with friends really made my day and lifted my spirits.

Anyway I finally made my way back to town today which was nice and comforting. I picked up some groceries and Burgerfuel and headed home. When I got in I put my things away, changed into a band t-shirt and proceeded to eat and watch Dance Moms for far too long. I really needed that long term vegetation.



I headed out to look at some late Boxing Day sales with my wide brimmed hat. I bought it from Postie Plus many years ago and it’s made of 100% Paper! The dress I made as my 2012 Christmas Day outfit and is one of my all time favourites. It is made of 100% cotton which is perfect for summer and has the most adorable cat print! I have never found this fabric again much to my dismay.


I received this AMAZING bag from my mother for Christmas which is by Vendula London. This is the Lingerie Box Bag and I don’t think I’ll be changing back to my other bag! The only problem is now I feel like I have to collect one of every style to have a whole town worth! And the After Dark collection is to die for.


Ta-daa! I managed to get this gorgeous bodysuit from Glassons, hugely surprising. I saw it a few weeks ago and thankfully they had 2 left in my nearest store. This is the edt. Knit Plunge Bodysuit. It was a limited edition but you can check where they are left over at this link but there really aren’t many left. But you can vote to bring it back, so if you like it hit that button because I think all vintage babes need one!


I decided to take some pictures at Oriental Bay as it had a nice summery vibe and at 7pm wasn’t too hot or sunny. Also it’s a stunning place where I love to walk.



It’s so nice and has such a great vintage vibe! I’m definitely going to do a proper review on it sometime soon! It feels to Marilyn with the plunging low back, and the hook and eye can be opened to give it a super deep front.


I’m also wearing a skirt with puppies (!!!) as it’s another super light piece and I thought it was quite fun.


And of course, because I am super stylish, trainers.



I had salmon and rice for dinner which was nice, and I’m home alone tonight so I’m planning to continue doing nothing. It was a nice day to spend just recharging and doing me things.


Here’s me right now, back in my band shirt looking at how glam I looked today. I’m on my 7th episode in a row of Diners, Drive Ins and Dives and I will continue to mindlessly watch food being made while eating chocolate.

Thanks for the read and I hope you all had a good holiday, and have a good New Year’s!



My Half-Vintage Woman Suit

Okay so I have to confess I have an obsession with what I call Lady, or Woman-Suits. I of course love suits which are made for the male body but I feel like a suit made for a feminine figure is so much more. Of course the prime time for lady suits, I feel, was the 1940’s and 1990’s. The 1950’s and 1980’s also had nice suits, but the structure and line of those from the other decades was just so much stronger.

Now for your viewing pleasure here are some pictures of lady suits. The photos all have links which open in new tabs if you feel a mighty need.

Vintage 1940s Women’s Suit/Skirt/Jacket
Vintage 1940s Grey Wool Suit
Vintage Women’s 1940s WWII Black White Tweed Suit
Thierry Mugler 1990s Gray Wool Pinstripe Suit
1980s 1990s Electric Blue Lillie Ruben Wool Suit
Vintage 1990s Pink and White Plaid Suit

(This post wouldn’t have taken half as long if I didn’t get distracted looking at suits)

So back to the main story, in the very early stages of last year, a photo of this jacket popped up on the fabulous Agent Bluebelle’s Wardrobe whom I highly recommend, and I knew I had to have it. This is an original 1940’s Black New Look stlye jacket and I still just cannot get over how much I love it.

Unfortunately it only came with the jacket, but that actually isn’t a huge hassle for me as my hip to waist ratio means finding a full vintage suit in my size is a hard if not impossible task. So after over a year I made myself a matching skirt *fanfare*.

When I tried the jacket on the first few times I felt a bit awkward, but after trying this on with the skirt and photographing it, it is one of the outfits I feel my best in. I have to say that now I definitely understand the meaning of the power suit. When I wear this I feel so empowered, like I need to stand up in a court room and tell a judge what’s what, or I need to be leading a business meeting – head of the table, scowling at my subservient workers.

S jacket

Now here are some more photos of me showing it off.

S front

S backS match detail

I stitched lines around the pocket opening as detail to make it match the jacket a little better stylistically. Although they don’t have the padding that the jacket stitching does(this gives it an amazing shape) I still think it works, and most of the time it will be hidden under the jacket anyway.

S open skirt S collar

Sorry for the few marks, my flat is very dusty and it just sort of coats everything.

Here are some photos on the inside and of the labels. The satin lining is exquisite and glides so well over clothing. I couldn’t find any information online about who made it or any other details, which is a shame.

A comparison picture showing the jacket detail stitching and that of the pocket on my skirt.

S yay

This is my dorky how much do I love this jacket photo, and alas the final one.

My lipstick is the Shiseido Lacquer Rouge in the shade Nocturne. This is my favourite going out lipstick, and another I highly recommend. The colour is amazing, it lasts for so long compared to any other gloss and it’s a perfect dark and sultry shade.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I just wanted to share my love of lady suits, and show off my newly completed one. Since I haven’t been feeling great in recent times due to health issues it’s great to have something which makes me feel so great! I will definitely be investing in one or two more over the colder months.

That’s all for now!

OOTD A Chilly Grey Tuesday

Finally Autumn has arrived which means we are one step closer to Winter down here! I love the cold, and living in windy Wellington makes the cold even more intense. I really loved the outfit I wore today, it was so comfy and kept me at the perfect temperature.


I made both the top and skirt which I am wearing and the skirt is available in my Etsy store here. The top is made of NZ Merino which is super soft and warm, and knitted in a Fair Isle style. As I’m working on a pinup basics collection right now I am really tempted to do a small run of these tops, but they would be horrendously expensive due to the cost of the fabric.


I’ve recently fallen in love with these grey stockings by Columbine. These are the 15 Denier Stockings in the colour Misty and retail for $11.99. I bought these as I was trying to find a conversation opener so that I could get my loyalty card for Kirkcaldie & Stains, as ridiculous as it sounds. Anyway the sample made them look like they had quite a sheen to them, but when I got them out when I got home they were actually matte.


For some reason I’m not a huge fan of black sheer stockings at the moment, the exception is the Levante Velatissima Stay Up, because Levante Nylon stockings are the lightest, softest, most incredible stockings I’ve tried so far. Anyway, nude for my skin tone has been hard to find so far, so I chose to have a go with these grey ones. I didn’t think I would like them as much as I do and I’m trying to find as many outfits as I can which go with them. These are my favourite stockings at the moment. They are also surprisingly soft and well knit for the price, but they will make holes easily.

hair flower

I also bought this small hair flower piece from Farmers today. It came with two separate bunches which each had 3 purple orchids on them. They are great and it cost me $5 for the both! They actually have a lot of hair flowers so I suggest heading on down there if you have the time!


And last of all the lipstick! I recently dug this one out of my lipstick container after forgetting I had it. This is the Lancôme Rouge in Love lipstick in the shade 181N Rouge Saint Honore. I was gifted in by me relatives from England for my birthday last year but only wore it a few times. On the Lancôme website it doesn’t look as vibrant or as blue as it is in real life. I’m not sure if you can get it in NZ, but if you can find it I would definitely reccomend it. I find it bleeds a little after I eat, but I don’t wear lipliner and I think that would help it.

So there we go, my favourite stockings and lipstick as of right now.

Thanks for reading!