Troublemaker Swing Dress in Leopard Print

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It feels like it’s been so long since I reviewed some actual clothing on my blog, and indeed it has been! I’m not one to buy a lot of clothing and for me to buy something that isn’t second hand is even rarer. But today I am so excited to review the Troublemaker Swing Dress in Leopard Print by Vixen by Micheline Pitt!

If you haven’t heard of Vixen, it’s a brand owned and operated by style icon, artist, designer and all round creative babe Micheline Pitt. With Vixen she is striving to make uniquely designed and well made vintage-style designs available in sizes XS-4XL. Although she’s only been open for around a year she has a dedicated and loyal fanbase and it’s not hard to see why. Micheline puts her heart and soul into her designs making things she loves and would want to wear, such as makeup, halloween and fetish prints.

Anyway enough gushing and onto the review!


I’d been umming and ahhing over this dress for a while. I had heard from several of my friends that the quality of Vixen was second to none and they had become converts, wearing the styles on a daily basis. Micheline posted many photos of herself wearing it and said it was a great comfy day-to-day piece and I was about to graduate so I thought I’d treat myself! I am SO glad I did, I have been wearing this dress 2-3 times a week since I bought it I am so obsessed!


The ‘Brushed Textured Stretch Crepe’ is a really comfortable and forgiving fabric. It’s a nice medium-heavy weight stretch so it’s been keeping me so nice and warm in winter, though I think it will be easy to wear during transitional seasons too. I don’t love a textured fabric so when I first opened it up I was a little surprised but as soon as I put it on my body I was in love. It has a heavy bridal invisible zipper in it which is of amazing quality and feels like it won’t break at all, but I don’t need it as the dress is so stretchy I can just pull it on!


As my bust is around 38” and my waist is around 29” I bought the size Medium, as my measurements fit pretty well into the listed ones. When I first tried it on I was worried the sleeves were too tight but they became so comfortable after wearing it for a little. The belt that comes with the dress has 5 grommets and I usually wear mine on the second to last, or middle with a longline bra. I am very tempted to get the Zebra Print version and would consider sizing down to a Small but then buying a spare belt in size Medium as the waist on my current dress is a little loose if I don’t wear the belt.


I usually wear mine without a petticoat as I don’t own one, and I still really like the way it looks. This is a dress which I can really bang around in, doing anything from cleaning to constructing or even being on casual sets and of course looking glam the whole time. This dress also features insane pockets! As you can see I can fit my hand and half my forearm in them! All of the Vixen clothing is also made in well monitored factories in the USA and Micheline is very involved with the whole process of creation as she wants to create the best things. I could find no flaws in the construction of this dress and it looks like it will withstand a lot of wear!


If you want a really stylish yet comfortable dress BUY A TROUBLEMAKER DRESS, honestly I can’t recommend it enough. The dress costs around $170NZD and shipping is around $30NZD(mine took 11 days to get to NZ). I paid $204.49NZD with shipping, but of course this will fluctuate due to exchange rates. This is probably one of the most expensive dresses I’ve ever bought, and it is a huge investment. I’ve already worn it so much and know I will continue to get a lot of wear out of it!

It’s insanely comfortable and stylish, you can wear it on the go or in bed, it’s ethically made and of an incredibly high-quality. This dress has truly won over my heart.


Big thanks to my doll Miss Flossypots for taking these photos of me and having me round for leopardy doughnuts and chats!! Check out her blog if you don’t already subscribe!

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Bettie Page Lingerie Retro Futuristic Bra

As soon as I saw the reveal pictures for Bettie Page Lingerie last year, I knew I would be needing some of their sets! They seemed to really encapsulate the feeling of Bettie Page whilst still doing unique and afforable products.

Today I’m reviewing the Retro Futuristic Bra, a softcup wireless bra with an extreme point! I’m wearing this with the Black French Knickers which I will detail in another review.


I love how striking this design is, and I am a sucker for an extreme shape. I find it very interesting and unique! Bettie Page Lingerie is a line made by Playful Promises, a well known UK lingerie brand which make some gorgeous retro inspired pieces. Playful Promises have always had really exciting designs and have always carved out their own style so the Bettie Page name truely rests in the hands of those who know what they are doing. They are also a brand that manufactures ethically in China, if you are interested in reading more the founder Emma Parker wrote an article about in on The Lingerie Addict which is worth a read.


This bra is sized from S/UK8 – XL/UK14. This is a very rough size guide and there are no details on the product or size chart pages about cup fit other than bust measurements. I went with the size L/UK12 as my bust measurement is around 38 inches which is the size chart measurement. The cups fit me well and I think this size is a great cup fit for me as a 32E. Because the bra will hold it’s shape people with smaller busts can wear it without worrying about needing to fill it out. I would say larger cup sizes are the ones it may not work too well for.

Generally soft cup bras are made to fit B/C cups, so I ordered the L back on the assumption it was an approximate size of 36C which sister sizes to a 32DD. I am currently a 32E so it felt like a close enough size. The back fits fairly well. I’ve worn it quite a lot and haven’t felt desperate to take in the back, though I can pull it quite far away from my body, so it is something I should do.


The straps are a really good length, I tend to need mine shorter because I have smaller shoulders and there is still room to reduce them! As you can see they also have a lot to extend out which means making them fit a variety of shapes is easy. I also adore the front strap ‘V’, not only does it aid in the support but it’s a great little detail adding to the style.


And what a gorgeous bullet shape! I love bras with an extreme point such as this and the What Katie Did Padded Bullet Bra which I have previously reviewed. This has quite spaced and interpretive spiral stitching, that coupled with the strapping detail really gives it a futuristic look. I can totally see this on a 1960’s space babe! This reminds me so much of classic sci-fi films which I love, could you imagine this in silver?!

As you can see on me the cups are slightly mishapen, this is because the bra fits me really well rather than standing off my chest, so the weight of my breasts has made the bottom of the cups a little more rounded. This is something I do not mind and I do not see as a quality issue. This bra still has an extreme shape, and if anything I like that it conforms to my own shape as well!


I always love a website that includes NZD as a conversion! This bra was $46NZD which is tremendous value for such a great piece! This may not be a bra lending itself to starting to try vintage inspired lingerie, but for those debating going for a more extreme look this is a really affordable way to test the waters. I adore this bra and love it as a comfortable yet striking daily wear bra.

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Fully Fashioned Stockings – What Katie Did Lingerie Review pt.3

Hi all,

Welcome to the end of my What Katie Did review, sorry this one was so long in coming. If you haven’t yet read my other reviews you can read about the Padded Bullet Bra here, and the Liz Suspender Knickers here.

Today I will be talking about the Point Heel Fully Fashioned Stockings. These were my first ever pair of fully fashioned stockings so I was unbelievably excited when I received them. Continue reading

30 Minute Batwing Top! – Sewing Tutorial

Hi all,

Welcome to another sewing tutorial. I didn’t have much time for sewing (or anything else) in the second half of last year. I am currently on a welcomed break and knew I just had to make this tutorial.

Today I will be showing you how to make batwing shirts in only half an hour. That’s right, half an hour! If I’m in the zone I can get about 3 done in an hour actually. The speed at which these can be made comes from it’s simple design and cut, they are all overlocked and finished – no cut corners. These also work for those who don’t dress in a vintage style but want a relaxed but stylish top! Continue reading

Liz Suspender Knickers – What Katie Did Lingerie Review Pt. 2

Hi everyone and welcome back to part 2 of my What Kate Did review! If you missed out on Pt.1  you can catch up here.

Today I will be talking about the Liz Suspender Knickers, a piece from their Liz collection which focuses on soft-cup bras and comfortable pieces. I had thought about purchasing this set for a long time before now. Generally at least one colourway pops up in their larger sales and I’m always tempted. I did purchase the bra but returned it for fit issues. Continue reading

Affordable Vintage-Style PJs?!

Hi everyone,

I am very excited to share this week’s blog post! First of all I’d like to announce that I’m finally at a place with my life where I can get back to weekly posts *fanfare*.

Anyway I was recently in the Hallensteins/Glassons monstrosity looking for some men’s clothing for a film shoot. On my way in I spied some interesting looking bralettes, so I knew after I’d actually done what I was there to do I’d have a look! It turned out that the bralettes were only available in a size 8 and weren’t as nice close up, but on the rack beside them were some amazing vintage-style looking pajamas!


People have informed me and the website states that these pieces are outerwear. I can understand this, but really? They are silky soft and the top is semi sheer, these were made to be worn glamorously to bed. I have also been wanting pajamas in this style for so long that I had to get them!

First off I’ll talk about the shirt! This is made of a 100% polyester silky feel white fabric with black contrast trim. It’s very lightweight but because of this it’s also a bit sheer, in the photos I am wearing a bodysuit underneath. It features a sweet rounded collar, chest pocket and button up cuffs.


I find the fit in the body really good, but the arms are a little snug when bent. I bought this in a size 10 (M). I have a 36” bust and 28” waist and the size chart puts me between a 10 and 12 for bust and right on 10 for waist. I maybe would have considered sizing up because of the arms but otherwise there is plenty of room.


It’s quite long which is great for tucking in or leaving out. This would be good for someone intending to wear this during the day as you don’t have many pants or skirt issues to worry about. Because of it’s silky nature I do find that it slips up and bags quite quickly when tucked in, but that’s a small price to pay for the feel!


Next up, the pants! These are made from 56% viscose and 44% rayon navy silky feel fabric with white piping, and boy are they heavy. I really like the weighty feel but it does come as a bit of a surprise first off. They also should ideally be ironed. I don’t own an iron and had washed them since purchasing so you can see a few of the wrinkles. Maybe hanging them up at the waist to dry would amend this.


These pants feature a zip fly with waist tie, front pleats and front pockets. The wide legs feel very luxurious and swishy. I’m 165cm tall and have a 27” inseam measurement. I found the length really good for me which is great as I was expecting to have to shorten them. The rise was also really comfortable for me, a constant struggle having large hips, so I was pretty ecstatic.


It also features fake back pockets in case you were wondering. You can also see here how the sleeve is a little tight around the elbow.


The fly is made suit-styled with a button, zip and large metal hook and eye. I bought a size 12 in these. I originally tried on a 10 which fit alright but it took a bit of work to get over my hips and I didn’t want the waist to be too snug while I slept. As I mentioned I have a 28” waist as well as 43” hips, the size chart for a size 12 is 30” waist and 41” hips. It has plenty of room in the hip area and it’s not even tight if I squat down – so this is a pair of pants for all you extreme pear and hourglass shaped people!


The price for this set is also really reasonable; the shirt was $40 and the pants $60, which means it was just $100 for this great set. There was also a matching bed-jacket/”blazer” for $70, which I think would look ridiculous worn outside the house.

At the moment the shirt is sold out online but on the website there is a ‘check in store’ button and I think you can ask your nearest store to order it in for you. The pants and blazer are actually both discounted at the moment bringing them down to $30 and $40 respectively! You can also check to see which stores have them so you don’t go in and get disappointed.

I find these to be really comfortable and great value at regular price. If you are at all interested then jump on them while they are on sale! Glassons are also actively trying to work towards more ethical manufacturing, so I feel comfortable sbuying from them for the occasional item. Glassons moved from a D- to a C+ greade in the space of just a year (scored by Baptist World Aid Australia’s yearly fashion brand report). This isn’t great but I think it shows they are definitely trying and heading in the right direction which is always promising!

As always~

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Wilson Trollope Pop-Up Shop + Review!

Hi everyone,

Today I’m going to be talking about a couple of pieces I recently bought at the Wilson Trollope Workroom Sale Pop-Up shop which has opened up here in Wellington and I will also be talking about this NZ based ethically made brand!

A few weeks ago there was a Wilson Trollope Pop-Up shop located in Dukes Arcade on Manners St, Wellington. I was really swamped with work at the time and didn’t have a chance to go and was really gutted. There were some beautiful looking garments and I definitely wanted to try things on instead of buying randomly online. But the heavens shone down on me as last week as I saw a poster for a Wilson Trollope Workroom Sale!


For those of you who don’t know a Pop-Up shop is one where the clothing or items are displayed for a limited amount of time – from a week to a few months. A Workroom sale is one where a designer will sell of old season stock, sample garments and sometimes fabrics and findings.

First I’ll talk a little bit about the brand and then I’ll discuss what I bought!


According to the ‘About’ page on the Wilson Trollope Website “Wilson Trollope is the fashion label of Wellington designer, Annabelle Wilson. Launched winter 2013, the label is named after both her grandmothers, stylish and talented dressmakers who taught Annabelle their craft.” She loves to create timeless and feminine inspired pieces which *ding ding ding* often is code for vintage inspired! The original pop-up shop caught my eye as there were some beautiful full skirted dresses in both solid and interestingly printed fabrics.

There are a few stockists of Wilson Trollope around the country which can be found here, but sadly there are no permanent ones down here in Wellington. I’m hoping I’ll be able to try on the current collection before the spring/summer collection arrives. All the clothing is made in NZ which I am very excited about as it not only supports ethical fashion but also supports local designers! Also Wellingtonians represent!


The first piece I bought is the Milano Top in Red. I bought this in a size 10 which according to the size chart fits a 88cm bust and 75cm waist which is about 34.5” and 29” respectively. I’m about a 93cm bust and 75cm waist (37” & 29”) and I find it fits quite well, it is a little snug in the arms if I’m stretching and moving around but that’s understandable as I would fit the next size up a little better. When I tried it on at the store I thought the buttons went at the front so I thought the fit was totally weird but nope! Turns out I just had it on backwards.


I really love the length and cut of this top! It is really flattering and the back button fastening means that it has a lot of hip room. The fabric is a lightweight 20% silk 80% rayon composition and combined with the style I think it will be great for spring and autumn. It is quite delicate and I actually tore around the button as I was trying to put my stockings in. I think this is fair enough considering it is a smaller size than I should have worn, so oops on my part!


The only record I could find of this piece was a white version from 2013 so it was possibly released then. This isn’t a style available in the current collection anymore. I bought this from $20 down from $260 which is a huge bargain, but is understandable if it was released 3 years ago. It’s really nice to have an opportunity to buy good quality ethically made clothing at a really low price. Obviously this isn’t sustainable for the business but if I had the budget I would definitely consider purchasing again. It’s a great way to get a taste of a brand and see the difference in style and quality compared to regular fast-fashion stores.


This top is really nice and I think it will definitely go into my regular clothing rotation! I can see myself wearing it with so much and I’m excited to give it a try over top of some jeans.


The other thing I bought was the Liberty skirt in Black/Blue. I bought this again in a size 10 and I do find it to be a little snug in the waist, but to be fair I have gained a little weight recently and it isn’t uncomfortably tight. I really like the design of this, it’s wearable but also super stylish. I think the black spots on black fabric is a nice subtle detail that makes it more interesting and I love the peeks of blue! This was actually the first thing that really caught my eye when I went into the store.


This skirt is made from 70% silk and 30% cotton. The black fabric is actually taffeta which I am a huge fan of and is what gives it a nice shape. I bought this one for $30 discounted from $280 and I think this was part of a collection from 2014. There were others in the store for $50 but this was marked down for being faulty. I can’t quite decipher the sticker as to why it is faulty but it seems well constructed to me so it might be a slight error with the panelling but I’m not sure.


The skirt is a little shorter than  I would usually wear but I don’t find it uncomfortably short and again, this is something I can see myself wearing regularly. It has some interesting points of difference but I can still easily match it with my other clothes. Also this would look great with a black velvet top and black stockings for a more dressed up look.

Both of these and I believe all Wilson Trollope clothing is made in New Zealand so I feel really good about supporting this brand. Annabelle has really hit the mark with her designs making them wearable and fashionable. Both the top and the skirt have details which make them differ from regular ‘basics’ but are clothes I can see myself wearing all the time and I will have no trouble incorporating into my wardrobe. I am really keen on the Wing dress and Habitat skirt from the current collection

If you are in Wellington go to the workroom sale. It’s open until the 10th of July and hours are on the Facebook page here. If you have a limited budget then this is a great way to get new and designer clothes and if you have a larger budget have a try on of things and consider purchasing from the current collection! I think I’ll be in again before the sale is over!

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