If I Lived in Yharnam OOTD

Hi everyone,

Today I thought I’d share a little OOTD post, something I want to try doing more regularly as they are easier to photograph and write than some of my other posts. My schedule is going to be very tight for the next few months but I really want to try and put out more content.

Today’s outfit was inspired by my Bloodborne shirt and what I would probably wear on a very casual day in Yharnam. Continue reading

My 5 Favourite Red Lipsticks – Red My Lips

Hi everyone,

So as some of you may know April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). Last year I did 4 blog posts over the month of April showing off all the lipsticks I wore for that month to raise awareness for the Red My Lips campaign. If you haven’t read them they can be found here.

This year I have decided to just do one blog post showing off my 5 favourite lipsticks, but this year for every view I get on this blog post until 11th May (as that is a month from now) I will donate a dollar to Red My Lips. A lot of people choose to take part in the Red My Lips campaign by wearing red lipstick everyday, which is a good way to raise awareness. But I am in a position where I should be able to make a small donation at the end of the month.

So onto the lipsticks! These are in no particular order as I love them all and it was hard enough picking 5 favourites.


NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil – Mysterious Red


This lipstick is a must have in your collection. I love the Velvet Matte Pencils by NARS as they are something so small and easy to keep in your bag and it’s so fast to put on. If I’m ever in a rush I grab this. It has a great formula that goes on matte and stays matte but isn’t too drying on the lips. It starts to feel a little dry on my lips after about 12 hours of wear. It has a nice texture that will last all day with minimal touch ups. I adore this shade in particular as it’s a very bright true red, it’s great in summer and a great pop of colour in winter. I also have this lipstick in the shade Cruella and I prefer Mysterious Red just a tiny bit more for how bold it is.


NARS Hardwired Lipstick – Deadly Catch


This is another NARS lipstick I totally adore. It has a beautiful creamy texture which easily glides on but has enough grip that it has a good staying power. I can usually get through a high-tea without touch ups but a full meal will usually need a little in the centre. I love the colour of this too as it’s another bright blue-based red. This has a great amount of moisture in it without giving it a super glossy look.


Pretty Zombie Cosmetics – Zombettie


This is an amazing liquid to matte lipsticks. I bought this first in January of 2014 before liquid to matte lipsticks became really popular and have loved it from the start. This red is more yellow based, and it’s a buildable colour so you can use a thin layer or layer it up to a deeper blood red. This will need to be touched up after eating, it often wears completely off in the middle. It’s not too hard to add more and it blends into the already dried lipstick pretty easily. I have Black Cat which I am even more obsessed with and I just want all the shades as there are so many blue/green/purples.


Jeffree Star – Redrum

Of course, it’s Jeffree Star. I have to say the hype is real. This lipstick is incredible. I don’t have a picture of me wearing it as I’ve used up my first one and have yet to get another. I love the colour of this and I love the many other more creative shades in the range. I find this isn’t entirely transfer proof but it doesn’t need touch ups after eating. It’s very comfortable and doesn’t crack or flake away during the day.


Besame – American Beauty


This is a colour I wasn’t 100% sure on buying but I am so glad I did. This is described as a ‘cool berry shade’ and can look so different depending on how it’s worn. In the pictures above I’ve gone with a thicker coat which looks quite red, but a thin coat will bring out the pinky berry. It’s a lovely creamy lipstick which does need touch ups but is very moisturising and feels lovely to wear. In the below picture I’ve added a small amount of MBA Cosmetics’ Kohl lipstick to it to perfectly match it to my Rouge Noir Dita <3. It’s also a wonderful lip tint with a touch added to some lipgloss for a more natural look.

So there we are! After so long I’ve decided on my 5 favourite lipsticks! A range here from pencil to liquid-matte to regular lipsticks.

If you can please consider donating to a charity which aids people who are victims of sexual assault or who help spread information about it. Of course don your best red lisptick and get to social media with the tags #redmylips #sexualassaultawarenessmonth #saam to help spread awareness. Red My Lips is a great organisination to donate to, as is are of the Rape Crisis centres in NZ or if you are international your local one.

Thanks for reading!

Red My Lips – Week 4 End of April

Welcome to the final post about Red My Lips as it is the end of April!

This has been a campaign I have been really proud to be part of, I’ve mentioned it before but the huge amount of worldwide support for it has been incredible. Seeing survivors post about their own personal experiences really enforced how important raising awareness about sexual violence is so important. It needs to be something that victims aren’t shamed for, and something that is just swept under the carpet when it’s inconvenient. Over 500,000 people took part and so many of those posted about it over social media.

April 22

Day 22

I did some weird natural-style brows today. Also I wore the Shiseido Lacquer Rouge in the shade Nocturne. I’m not usually a huge fan of gloss finishes and I spend most of the time panicking over whether I have it smeared all over my face or not. But this really sticks and doesn’t bleed everywhere. I lost my Besame Cherry Red lipstick a while ago and I this also has a great rich cherry colour, which works so well on a variety of skin tones and colours.

April 23

Day 23

I went for a very 80’s/80’s look with my makeup today because I realised I haven’t worn coloured eyeshadows for so long. I wore the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella. It’s the best matte finish lipstick I have ever come across without being a wet to dry lipstick. I have mentioned it a couple of times before, but I recommend it for

April 24

Day 24

Australis VelourLips Matte Lip Cream in NY-CEE again! I really wanted to give this a good test since it was new. It’s still amazing and very easy to wear. I do find I want to remove it after 9-10 hours of wear as it feels a bit too drying at that point. But that is the only con, I also found out that Beauty Bliss stocks these lipsticks online with more colours than Farmers, so I will be ordering more soon I think.

April 25

I wore a Besame lipstick today that I thought would be too pink but I then realised it actually wasn’t so I will review it tomorrow.

April 26

Day 26

Ta daa, another Besame lipstick! This is American Beauty, which I had remembered being a very fuchsia shade but I think I had a thicker layer on today. It’s very versatile as a little can be used with lipbalm just as a stain or gloss, but with just lipstick it does go from a fuchsia shade to a pinky red. Besame lipsticks are fantastic and I think everyone, not just vintage lovers, need them in their lipstick arsenal. They are super comfortable and the colours are to die for. Noir Red is next on my lipstick list for winter.

April 27

Day 27

I wanted to change my lipstick for the evening but I just ended up wearing NARS Hardwired Lipstick in Deadly Catch all day. I didn’t touch it up once and it ended up surviving a full day and 2 meals without touch ups. I normally like to be safe and touch up after every meal but I forgot to pop it in my bag before going out.

The rest of April

I became incredibly unwell on the 28th and still have not recovered but I was feeling a little better today sooo…

Red My Lips smaller


I recreated the Red My Lips logo! I used my L’Oréal lipstick in Ravishing Red to draw the outline and then I went over and filled it with the Shiseido Lacquer Rouge in Nocturne.

Now that April has ended it would be a great time to donate directly to Red My Lips. I have bought one of their shirts they are selling here, and 100% of the profits go towards the Red My Lips foundation, they do have to reach their minimum goal of 100 shirts to have them made, so I suggest doing so! Buying a shirt means you will be supporting Red My Lips, have something to remember to occasion by and also by wearing it you will be able to raise awareness all year round!

I hope you all enjoyed my lipstick reviews and support of Red My Lips. Next on the agenda is May the Month of Lingerie! I took part last year on my tumblr blog so I’m looking forward to doing that again.

Red My Lips – Week 1 (2 Days late)

So it’s been a week since April began and since the Red My Lips awareness campaign began. You can find out more about them here.

As I promised I will be showcasing every lipstick I wear during April (I may have to double up as I get towards the end)

April 1st

Day 1

I know my lips are extremely lopsided, and when I smile they are pretty much symmetrical. This is the NARS Satin Lip Pencil in the shade Majella. This red is suuuch a perfect colour, it’s slightly dark but definitely still a great day red. It does bleed if you don’t wear a lip pencil under it though, which I rarely do.

April 2nd

Day 2

Might as well show my full face and 90’s ish hair. This is the Lancôme Rouge in Love lipstick in 181N Rouge Saint Honore. I already covered this lipstick in my Chilly Grey Tuesday post but I’ll go over it again. This is my favourite bright red lipstick. It has great staying power with or without a lipliner, though after a few hours it does bleed without one. It’s tip shape also is perfect for doing your cupid’s bow straight out of the tube. I place it on and swipe it down once on each side and it never fails to make a great shape, then you just need to do the rest of your lips.

April 3rd

Day 3

Today’s lipstick is Zombettie by Pretty Zombie Cosmetics. This is the first liquid-matte lipstick I tried and still haven’t bought any others (other than Black Cat by the same brand). I really like this lipstick and when I apply it I will normally use 2 coats which makes it a touch darker and opaque. It has a little transfer and comes off depending on what you eat but it’s easy to reapply and blends back in pretty well.

April 4th

Day 4

Sorry the lighting’s a little odd in this photo. I will definitely be showing this lipstick later in the month as it is one of my favourites. This is the NARS Hardwired Lipstick in Deadly Catch, this is a limited edition shade for the 2014 Holiday but is still available in some places. This has to be one of my top 3 lipsticks of all time. It goes on easily, the colour payoff is great (or course being NARS), the colour is fantastic, great for day and evening wear. I love it!

April 5th

It was a no makeup day but I did wear lipstick when I had to go out to the dairy. I would have taken a photo but I forgot. I wore Zombettie by Pretty Zombie Cosmetics again, and have to mention it is great for going out to run quick errands because you just swipe it on and dries and is good to go.

April 6th

Day 6

Another major favourite lipstick, again by NARS, it is the Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella. This is the fastest lipstick I have ever gone though because I usually will wear it 3 times a week if not more. This is perfect for Winter. It comes out very matte which is great and I have never found it to be drying, you could always put a balm or gloss over top if you wanted a different finish. I rarely have to touch up after eating which is great. Unfortunately it can be hard to get a really crisp line (as you can see I didn’t really manage) so it’s a good idea to keep it pretty sharp.

Day 7

Day 7

Besameeee. Of course being a vintage lover it wasn’t long before I got to a Besame lipstick. I owned 3 until recently (when my truely beloved Cherry Red went missing) so now I am down to 2. This shade is Red Velvet and was my first Besame product. I always forget how great these lipsticks are, I know, I love all my lipsticks, but can you blame me?! This colour in particular always puts me off when I look at the colour in the tube for some reason, it’s amazing and I never regret wearing it. This lipstick is so creamy and gorgeous, if you haven’t tried Besame then go and buy some. The colours are really pigmented and I find applying them with a brush works better for me.

So there you have it, one week of lipsticks down and 3 to go. Also remember if you want to take part in Red My Lips you don’t have to wear lipstick and if you’re feeling generous then you can donate to them here.