Black French Knicker – Bettie Page Lingerie


Hi all,

Welcome to the second part of my review of this look from Bettie Page Lingerie. If you didn’t catch my review of the Retro Futuristic Bra you can check it out here! Today I’ll be reviewing the Black French Knickers!


At first I was quite nervous about buying these. I adore french knickers/ tap pants but I am always a bit nervous they wont fit my waist as well as hips. I figured since these had gathering and I saw them on a few curvy girls I had to try them out.


The French Knickers come in sizes UK8-18 which is a fairly decent size range! At the moment by waist is around 29” which would put me in a size 10 in their size chart, and my hips are 43”, directly in the middle of the sizes 14&16. I decided to go with a size 12 as I didn’t want it to be too snug on my waist, and I didn’t want to risk getting something too small in the hips. This size fits really well but is a tad loose in the waist, I might consider getting the 10 when (not if) I purchase other colourways, but it is comfortably snug across my tummy. The satin does have some stretch as well, so I would say go by your waist size for the sizing.


I love the button and rouleau side fastening! It’s such a traditional and gorgeous detail, I have a pair of 1940’s tap pants and it’s nice to see such a thoughtful modern design. Some of you may think this looks a little daunting for going to the bathroom in, but I simply pull the crotch to the side like you would with some types of shapewear. The soft satin is also incredibly comfortable and it is buttery soft to the touch, not the cheap and nasty feeling satin!


I absolutely love the length of these! They are a great full coverage but at the back they end slightly shorter than the front for a cheeky little peek πŸ˜‰ . I’ve been wearing them through the colder months and it’s nice to have that extra fabric, though I can see them working really well in Summer too as a cold gust while wearing a skirt is quite chilly! As you can see the hem is so narrow and really doesn’t make them too bulky which would be easy to do in a style like this.


These Black French Knickers are $36NZD which I think is such a steal! I’ve been wearing and washing them often and have seen no signs of any wear. These are seriously comfortable and true to the name of Bettie Page Lingerie are a great modern remake of a classic. These also come in IvoryΒ and Peach for the same price, as well as a Lace version which looks stunning which is $63NZD. Β If you’ve ever had any inkling to try a french knicker, do it now and order these, I cannot recommend them enough!

And as a bonus I had to share this image as I KNOW what I will be buying as soon as I can!

anna text


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