Designer Brands Longwear 24 Hour Foundation Review – Pale People Problems

Hi everyone,

After sooo long I am finally back with a new foundation review, part of the Pale People Problems series. Since the last one I did I have tried about 5 different foundations, so I’ll be trying to cover those off.

Today I’m reviewing the Longwear 24 Hour foundation by Designer Brands Cosmetics. This is a brand I had never heard of until I went hunting in a pharmacy for some new powder. I decided to also swatch a few foundations while I was their and came away with this one!


I am reviewing this foundation today in the shade Porcelain Ivory, the lightest shade, mixed with the L.A. Girl Pro Coverage Foundation in the shade White – Lightener. I have been mixing ALL my foundations with this recently. It’s a really good way to lighten foundation and I find it doesn’t change the coverage or consistency much at all. Anyway back to the foundation at hand…

I mix around 2-3 pumps of the DB Cosmetics foundations with 1 pump of the L.A Girl mixer. It looks like more but the white foundation is very runny so spreads around easily. I find this to be a good amount to lighten it by and it blends into the consistency easily. The DB foundation is a lot firmer and I really like it, it’s very thick and smooth and feels like a full coverage foundation.

As you can see I have a lot of freckles andย some quite intense under-eye bags so I do like a lot of coverage. Though this does look like quite a colour difference you can see it matches my neck spot on! I applied this with a damp beauty blender, something I didn’t believe the hype of but then I bought it and I am a total convert.

Here I have concealed with the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in the shade Chantilly, and powdered with the NARS Light Reflecting Loose powder.

I find this foundation doesn’t set and just staysย a very dewy finish. I, of course, need a matte finish so I always powder my face.

Here is a picture of my finished makeup, and a close up to show you how it is on my skin. As you can see it looks nice and flat, and there’s nothing weird going on around my nose. It has a really good coverage and I love how flawless it makes my face look.

There are a few tiny white bits on my face which is just leftovers from a special makeup I did the day before and I didn’t wash my powder puff.

Here’s my foundation 5 hours later. I had quite a day out in the heat and the sun and it held up really well. It doesn’t really look any different at all to me! I really love that this foundation doesn’t oxidise, at all so the colour you see will be the colour you get.

At the 9 hour mark. As you can see there is a little foundationย caking near my nose. It’s also coming off a little on my nose and my chin. I tend to rub my nose a lot due to allergies so my foundation doesn’t usually last here. It still looks good from a distance though and would definitely be happy going out looking like this.

And 11 hours, it has definitely started to break down. This is definitely not a ’24 hour’ foundation but it has lasted pretty well. I was sweating a lot and was touching my face quite a bit so this is looking a lot better than other foundations I’ve tried.

The Designer Brands Longwear 24 Hour foundation costs just $17.99 which is an insane bargain, and the cheapest foundation I’ve seen outside of a dollar store here. I bought mine at a Life Pharmacy. The undertone of this foundation is very neutral and it is my favourite foundation at the moment! If you’re looking for a cheap pale foundation then give this a go.

I shall leave you with a big swatch comparison of all the foundations I currently have and have used over the past 6 months.

Full Swatches.jpg

anna text


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