Fully Fashioned Stockings – What Katie Did Lingerie Review pt.3

Hi all,

Welcome to the end of my What Katie Did review, sorry this one was so long in coming. If you haven’t yet read my other reviews you can read about the Padded Bullet Bra here, and the Liz Suspender Knickers here.

Today I will be talking about the Point Heel Fully Fashioned Stockings. These were my first ever pair of fully fashioned stockings so I was unbelievably excited when I received them. It has been years since I first discovered Fully Fashioned Stockings (FFS) but I have always been hesitant on buying them. I tend to be quite hard on my stockings and I’m not sure I own a single pair without a little run or snag in them. They are also quite a bit more expensive than the regular stockings I buy but boy are they worth it.


When I first got them I had to open the packet and feel what they were like. They are like nothing I’ve ever touched before. I don’t want to get too poetic but it almost feels like you are touching the mist of a cloud or something equally as soft and close to nothing. Anyone who came round to my house would be forced to feel how amazing they were – and I made careful to inspect their hands first.

I waited until I was taking the pictures for this blog post to try them on just in case anything happened to them. They feel so luxurious and I love the slightly scratchy sound they make. I always thought the welt and keyhole was such a gorgeous detail and it’s so interesting to be able to examine it close up. You have to be very careful when putting these on as they can snag easily. I found it also a good idea to shave your legs the day before, or on the day of wearing these just in case your hairs catch. If you don’t shave your legs at all I think they will be fine as the hairs will be longer and a touch softer. I have gloves which are advised to use when putting them on but I find just checking my nails around the edges was fine.


In their fit notes What Katie Did say these are made for sizes 12-16 and if you are outside of these to consider sizing up or down. I usually fit about a size 16 in my hips and am around 5’5 (165cm) so I bought the size Medium which is recommended for 5’4-5’8. These fit perfectly on me, I don’t get any bagging around the ankle and the foot length was pretty spot on too. They wouldn’t go too much higher up my leg than I have them in these photos. With stretch stockings I generally prefer to wear them at an ‘opera’ length so covering my full leg. Because these are so special I really don’t mind.

I have to say I haven’t worn them out of the house yet because I haven’t really had an event which has felt special enough to. I am very looking forward to it though. I think these definitely should be worn with at least a 6 strap suspender belt as they did sag quite a lot with the Liz knickers, which are just 4 straps.

These are made in the UK on the traditional machines that were used back in the 40’s and 50’s. If you are interested in learning more and about the differences between these and regular sotckings then What Katie Did have this great informative video.


What Katie Did’s fully fashioned range is priced between £20-£25 depending on the heel detail. The Fully Fashioned Point Heel Stockings cost £20 which is about $35 NZD right now. I think this price is definitely worth it for such a beautiful and delicate item. It is a little more pricey than the regular stockings from Farmers but you get so much more out of it. I definitely think it is worth it to have these, I am excited to wear them out to events and I feel so good in them.

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2 thoughts on “Fully Fashioned Stockings – What Katie Did Lingerie Review pt.3

  1. CL Schroedel January 28, 2017 / 10:00 AM

    Very nice, you wear black well. 🤗

  2. Karen January 28, 2017 / 2:34 PM

    I love fully-fashioned stockings, and I really like WKD (all the variations), but you’re right – only for special occasions! I loved your description of the touch being just like mist and the ‘scratchy’ sound. How right! Kx

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