The Most Supportive and Flattering Wireless Bra? – Lovable Lingerie Review

Hi all,

Welcome today to a new lingerie review – and one which isn’t a vintage style! As much as I love my bullet bras, I have found myself wanting a more modern shape for some of my clothes. I wore my What Katie Did bra recently with a loose shirt to my course and it looked very odd and not in a good way. So I popped off to my local Bendon hoping to find something suitable and I did!


Introducing the Lovable Lacey and Seamless Moulded Soft Cup bra & bikini brief. I was originally drawn to this as the lace overlay looked like the cathedral windows, a beautiful aesthetic. I picked up the bra and realised it was wirefree so had to try it on! After wearing so many vintagey wireless bras I am finding it hard to adjust when I do wear wires.


I’ve worn a lot of wireless bras in my time and this is the first one I have found that is padded and has a great shape! I don’t feel like my breasts are being jostled around too much like in non-padded ones and it actually lays smoothly instead of trying to coax them into some bizarre shape. I love that it is a plunge style too, it actually gives a nice cleavage shape so can be worn with low cut necklines. The whole set is nice and soft and stretchy and I feel supported which is so nice.


I have legitimately forgotten I was wearing it and got into bed with it still on – it is just that comfortable. I like the look of the black lace over the pale cup, but I wish they had done the same with the brief as it is just sheer and has no backing. It’s not too noticeable on someone like me but on even slightly deeper skintones it would look a bit off. The small peach bows are a nice touch on both the bra and brief.


I was unsure if the brief was going to fit me because it looks very small. This knitted lace actually has a huge amount of stretch, I bought a size Large and I think it could easily accommodate an XXL too. If I sit for long periods of time it also doesn’t make a very deep imprint which is nice as that can be quite uncomfortable. I do think the woven design on the front is very cute and interesting!


I bought the bra in a 12D as there was no 10DD, this size range for this style is a bit limited which is a shame. It fits pretty true to size, I could definitely do with a smaller back size but I can always alter it if I need to. There isn’t any side boning which I also like, as you can see there is a slight fold on one side (in the picture below) but I never find it bending too much and it means there is nothing to dig in. I think this bra would look great worn to the beach under a sheer blouse or kaftan, it’s so great for summer!lv4

The wireless bra costs $60 which I think is a fine price for such a comfortable staple. Since buying this I have been wearing it 2-3 times a week, it’s such an easy option for a modern bust shape. The briefs are $30 and apart from the interesting pattern I wouldn’t say are anything special, I am forever wearing the bra with my assortment of black knickers.

Right now there is actually a 30% off sale on this range so you can grab the bra and brief for just $70 together! You can find the range here.


This set also comes in a soft pink (‘Rosewater’) and there is a wired bra ($70) which goes up to a G cup as well as a thong ($25) and bodysuit ($60) in the collection. The underwear and bodysuit will definitely fit a size or two larger as well, so I say give it a go if you are intrigued but don’t fit into the size charts. The bodysuit is also great for curvier ladies, I am about a S-M top and L-XL bottom and know that the S bodysuit would fit me well.

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2 thoughts on “The Most Supportive and Flattering Wireless Bra? – Lovable Lingerie Review

  1. CL Schroedel January 16, 2017 / 9:41 AM

    Very nice. Color and shape. The tones look good for you.

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