Christmas Day OOTD

Hi everyone,

Welcome to this week’s post detailing my Christmas Day OOTD. Every year for the past 5 years I’ve made myself a special outfit to wear at Christmas and of course this year was no exception. First I’m going to detail my inspiration behind the dress and then there are PLENTY of pictures of me wearing it!All pictures were also taken by myself at my parents’ house.

I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted. I was actually planning on using a bright poinsettia print fabric as I adore poinsettia, but then I noticed a gorgeous green brocade in my fabric stash. I originally bought loads of it so I could make myself a big sleeved winter dress. I also wanted to do something a bit different, I usually use typical cottons from Spotlight and this fabric really inspired me. It’s also actually a curtain fabric!

Most of my inspiration came from random google searches along the lines of ’50’s christmas dress’, ‘vintage day dress’, ‘green vintage dress’ so on and so forth. I also have many, many vintage fashion books and plenty of older sketches I have done through the years. I just kind of pieced it together from a few sources, I would link pictures but I could not find any.

I was also looking for a slightly more historical look. I have been looking at a lot of my fashion history books recently and have also been super inspired by Angela Clayton recently. I wanted to go with a bit of a Romantic style which is where the extra full skirt, fabric and headdress came from. I also left my hair quite fluffy and not too formed.


The necklace was a vintage piece my great-aunt gave me as a gift a few years ago. It is one of my go-to pieces for an extra glam look.





This skirt is more than a full circle, and I really wanted the full look. I would love to have worn a petticoat with it but I still don’t own one. I wished I had steamed or ironed this dress first, but unfortunately I don’t own an iron at the moment and this was at the end of a long day.



The halo is made from 3 mini wreaths I found at Crabtree & Evelyn actually, my mother was kind enough to snag them for me so I spent Christmas Eve cutting them up and hot gluing them together. I wanted to make a big extravagant one but I really like the subtlety of this.



I wore these wonderful What Katie Did stockings with a green contrast seam. Also my beloved Clarks shoes.


Here is just a small selection of what I can fit into one of my pockets. I actually originally wanted them to stand up but the fabric wasn’t quite right so I stitched them down at the top of the peak. I actually like how this contributes to the drapey look.


And of course I have to mention my lipstick is ICON by Hourglass from the Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick line. I adore it to bits and it is my current favourite.

I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday season and if you didn’t be sure to take some time for yourself soon.

anna text


2 thoughts on “Christmas Day OOTD

  1. DiaryOfAUniversityStudent December 29, 2016 / 12:04 PM

    You look Gorgeous and remind me of Snow White

  2. Karen December 29, 2016 / 12:35 PM

    What an absolutely divine dress and accessorised perfectly – I especially like the halo with it. An all round triumph, and worth all the research and effort! I hope it was a great day… Kx

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