Pretty Kitties – Vendula London Bag Review

Hi all,

I recently turned 21 and among other things received a gorgeous Vendula London bag and wallet! I have owned one of their other bags since Christmas last year so thought it would be the perfect time to review what I’ve got! I will be reviewing the Vendula Beauty Salon Box Bag, a brief look at my Vendula Lingerie Box Bag and how that’s held up over 8 months and the Vendula Sushi Shop Zip around Wallet.


Both box bags I have came in these bright pink drawstring bags, similar to soft shoe bags. These are a great way to protect them if you aren’t using them or as just a handy spare bag! Newly out of the bag here is the Vendula Beauty Salon Box Bag.


The box bag is a really handy grab-and-go style I find as I can throw it on over whatever I’m wearing and there is a lot of space. In mine I usually fit my wallet, keys, compact mirror, between 2-6 lipsticks, my phone and a slender book! The Vendula designs are so bright and bold that I find they will suit any outfit as they will pop out, but you can always find one that pairs with your favourite colours. I love this one at the moment as it looks really nice with my National Velvet Dita Cardi.


They have a lot of fun and quirky designs – I simply love that this one has cats on it! Also the fact that they bother to put the effort in to design the back of their bags is such a winner for me. These bags also come with a nice long shoulder strap that does up with a buckle, great for adjusting and also doesn’t take away from the design. The bag is also made from faux leather.


As well as the outside zip pocket as seen in the previous photo it features an interior zip pocket as well as a patch pocket, both a good size for containing phones, pens or notebooks. The dimensions listed for this bag are 21cm(H) x 24.5cm(W) x 7.5cm(D) so you can see how I fit everything in. The bag has a nice soft lining and I love their custom London print featuring iconic landmarks!


This bag is adorned with ribbon flowers as well as faux leather detailing stitched on. I love how it creates depth and it looks far better than a regular printed one would. I have also not seen a stitch out of place on all 3 pieces I own and coming from a sewing background it is something I definitely notice. The background printed leather is also embossed around lines and edges which I also adore, it would be a simple thing to overlook but creates quite an effect.


The straps just clip on so I like to attach things to the side like my retractable measuring tape, a small shopping bag I don’t want to carry separately or even a retractable umbrella if the weather calls for it.

These bags retailed for £65 each which at around $115 is pretty great for such a versatile bag. Neither seem to be on the website any longer but you can browse the Vendula Beauty collection here as well as their other Box Bags here. If you want to see how they wear over time then keep reading for my other Box Bag review and then wallet review!


I LOVE this lingerie bag, it just feels so me and I can never say no to black/white/red colourways! It feels so fun and flirty and like the other bag has plenty of space. The back of this one is also fun and people who comment on my bag always love it when I show them the reverse. As you can see although the bag is printed it hasn’t worn off at all. I used this about 6 days a week for 6 months and after that I was using it 2-3 for the next couple.

A little bit of paint has also chipped off on the door handle as you can see in the top picture, and a little bit of the leather applique railing has come off. but all the printing is in fine condition.


Here is a close up to show a little more. The front clasp broke off about 5 months in for me – this is usually an easy fix at a shoe/bag repair shop but I didn’t get around to it. The bag still stays closed broken, but it’s a little less secure. Also the flexible edging on the bag strap has come off on places. This doesn’t affect the way it acts and it hasn’t come apart, just a bit of a cosmetic issue.

I think it’s withstood quite a battering from me over the months and it’s perfectly fine to use. I still think it’s definitely worth the price (same as the last box bag) due to it’s versatility and my haphazard nature with things I own. It’s hard owning two as I never know which one to pick!

Now onto the wallet!


How anyone could resist cats in a sushi shop I will never know. I really wish I could own every bag in this collection! The wallet is a nice big size and still has the amazing embossed and stitched detailing which I am definitely impressed by.


It features 8 card holders which evidently isn’t enough for me. I just double up ones in similar categories such as food, loyalty cards, or library cards. I do find it convenient that it has two clear slots so I can have both my license and student I.D. easy to access. There are also pockets under the card slots (which I discovered just a couple of days ago) which is great for any excess cards or important notes. This section closes with a strong magnetic press-stud/snap.


It has two immensely deep cash pockets which will be perfect for filling up with useless scraps of paper as time goes on. These pockets have so much space it’s astounding. This wallet again features this beautiful lining fabric which helps to bring down some of the bulk.


Now entering the ‘zip around’ compartment. This has a zip up coin pocket as well as lots of space on either side. This is where I keep my stamp cards and unimportant things that I like to keep on hand, like fabric care instructions.


I am also over the moon that I can fit my phone in the zip up pouch. My phone is a Samsung A5 which is a perfect fit and I don’t think you could fit anything too much larger in it. This wallet just has so much space for everything! The dimensions listed are 15.7cm(W) x 10cm (H) x 3.5cm (D)  but filled with all my stuff it measures at 6cm deep.


And of course it even has a detailed back! This is printed and has applique unlike the backs of the bags.

This wallet is huge and like the bags, fits everything I could pretty much want. At £28 (around $50 NZD) this is definitely more than I would usually pay for a wallet as I like to grab mine from Farmers bargain bins. If I wasn’t the kind of person who absolutely needed a bag then I definitely think I could just use this, especially as it fits my phone. For the price it does everything I would want and I would definitely buy another if something happened to this one. I highly recommend this if you need to fit a lot in your wallet (and love sushi and/or cats)


I think all the Vendula London products I have so far are great and I will definitely purchase from them again. They also do some gorgeous velvet evening bags, kitchy scrapbook inspired tote bags and bags with charms attached. They also make sizes from coin purses to weekend bags. If any on the website catch your fancy I say go for it as I adore the ones I have in my collection so far.

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