Affordable Vintage-Style PJs?!

Hi everyone,

I am very excited to share this week’s blog post! First of all I’d like to announce that I’m finally at a place with my life where I can get back to weekly posts *fanfare*.

Anyway I was recently in the Hallensteins/Glassons monstrosity looking for some men’s clothing for a film shoot. On my way in I spied some interesting looking bralettes, so I knew after I’d actually done what I was there to do I’d have a look! It turned out that the bralettes were only available in a size 8 and weren’t as nice close up, but on the rack beside them were some amazing vintage-style looking pajamas!


People have informed me and the website states that these pieces are outerwear. I can understand this, but really? They are silky soft and the top is semi sheer, these were made to be worn glamorously to bed. I have also been wanting pajamas in this style for so long that I had to get them!

First off I’ll talk about the shirt! This is made of a 100% polyester silky feel white fabric with black contrast trim. It’s very lightweight but because of this it’s also a bit sheer, in the photos I am wearing a bodysuit underneath. It features a sweet rounded collar, chest pocket and button up cuffs.


I find the fit in the body really good, but the arms are a little snug when bent. I bought this in a size 10 (M). I have a 36” bust and 28” waist and the size chart puts me between a 10 and 12 for bust and right on 10 for waist. I maybe would have considered sizing up because of the arms but otherwise there is plenty of room.


It’s quite long which is great for tucking in or leaving out. This would be good for someone intending to wear this during the day as you don’t have many pants or skirt issues to worry about. Because of it’s silky nature I do find that it slips up and bags quite quickly when tucked in, but that’s a small price to pay for the feel!


Next up, the pants! These are made from 56% viscose and 44% rayon navy silky feel fabric with white piping, and boy are they heavy. I really like the weighty feel but it does come as a bit of a surprise first off. They also should ideally be ironed. I don’t own an iron and had washed them since purchasing so you can see a few of the wrinkles. Maybe hanging them up at the waist to dry would amend this.


These pants feature a zip fly with waist tie, front pleats and front pockets. The wide legs feel very luxurious and swishy. I’m 165cm tall and have a 27” inseam measurement. I found the length really good for me which is great as I was expecting to have to shorten them. The rise was also really comfortable for me, a constant struggle having large hips, so I was pretty ecstatic.


It also features fake back pockets in case you were wondering. You can also see here how the sleeve is a little tight around the elbow.


The fly is made suit-styled with a button, zip and large metal hook and eye. I bought a size 12 in these. I originally tried on a 10 which fit alright but it took a bit of work to get over my hips and I didn’t want the waist to be too snug while I slept. As I mentioned I have a 28” waist as well as 43” hips, the size chart for a size 12 is 30” waist and 41” hips. It has plenty of room in the hip area and it’s not even tight if I squat down – so this is a pair of pants for all you extreme pear and hourglass shaped people!


The price for this set is also really reasonable; the shirt was $40 and the pants $60, which means it was just $100 for this great set. There was also a matching bed-jacket/”blazer” for $70, which I think would look ridiculous worn outside the house.

At the moment the shirt is sold out online but on the website there is a ‘check in store’ button and I think you can ask your nearest store to order it in for you. The pants and blazer are actually both discounted at the moment bringing them down to $30 and $40 respectively! You can also check to see which stores have them so you don’t go in and get disappointed.

I find these to be really comfortable and great value at regular price. If you are at all interested then jump on them while they are on sale! Glassons are also actively trying to work towards more ethical manufacturing, so I feel comfortable sbuying from them for the occasional item. Glassons moved from a D- to a C+ greade in the space of just a year (scored by Baptist World Aid Australia’s yearly fashion brand report). This isn’t great but I think it shows they are definitely trying and heading in the right direction which is always promising!

As always~

anna text


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