Benefit World Famous Neutrals – Sexiest Neutrals Ever Review

Hi everyone!

I’m finally back with another review. David Jones recently opened up in Wellington and I was so excited to check out all the new things available. I was very disappointed that there are only 3 new lingerie brands and they are all low price point and basic styles. I was however very excited for all the new makeup brands! There is a Benefit counter right by one of the front entrances and since I’d heard a lot about the brand I wanted to try them out.

At the bottom of this post I have five looks which I did over five days only using shadows from this palette. I wanted to see how versatile this was and I think it was a fun little test!


I came away with the World Famous Neutrals – Sexiest Nudes Ever Eyeshadow Kit. This really appealed to me as I feel like I need more eyeshadows. Also since I’m so busy I want things that can go together well and I don’t have to think too much about.


It comes in a box with the front cover art on it, as well as an overview of the shadows inclused. Inside was the kit which is made up to look like a book which I adore! This contains four of the Longwear Powder Shadows and two Creaseless Cream Shadows.

There are three versions of the World Famous Neutrals kit which are Most Glamorous, Easiest and Sexiest. Most Glamorous features a range of warm coloured shadows, Easiest had a lot of basic nudes and Sexiest had some cooler and darker  shades so there was no question for me.


I think having a little fold out tips and tricks section is really handy, especially for people new to makeup.  I like that it isn’t a separate booklet because I tend to loose those. Also the day/night looks are really nice, I’ve tried out both of them and I like that they are quite different.


At first I thought the packaging might be a little much for the tiny shadows, but everything can actually be removed when you’re done for a little keepsake box! I feel like it could be a handy little box for travelling with mini things or loose shadows so that everything is contained.


All of the powder and cream shadows are available as individuals in the Benefit range, so I like that you could also get one of these kits to see what you liked and potentially buy the singles later on. Also my kit is a little dirty as I’ve had it for a couple of weeks and it is cardboard packaging.


Having long nails and try to apply the cream eyeshadows with my fingers from these pots was a huge pain. If you use a brush or have short nails this shouldn’t be a problem though. Also the B logo totally looks like a fancy g or q when it’s upside down and I can’t unsee it.


Here is: Holy Smokes!, Bikini-Tini, Raincheck?, Pause for Applause, Milk It and Blingo! I love how interesting the names of these shadows are, it’s something I really appreciate.

My favourite shades are probably Blingo! and Raincheck? but Bikini-Tini is also really beautiful.

I’ve swatched these colours on my bare arm with no base. Of course they come up much more pigmented when used with a primer or even just a moisturiser as you will see in my looks below.


Day 1: I was so excited for Blingo! and Raincheck? I had to use them in my first look! I wore Blingo! on the lid with Raincheck? blended out in the crease and under my eye. I also used Milk It as an inner eye and bow highlight.


Day 2: I went with a bit of a Twiggy look as I was wearing a new 60’s style dress. I wore Pause for Applause on the lid with Raincheck? in the crease and undereye. I also wore Milk It as the brow highlight.


Day 3: I had a strange eyebrow and tried the night or “playtime” look with Holy Smokes! on the lid with Blingo! patted on top. Again I went with Milk It as the highlight, I’ve been using a white shimmer as my highlight for a long time and I really like the look of this matte colour.


Day 4: I tried the daytime look, Bikini-Tini on the lid with Milk It as my inner corner highlight as well as Raincheck? blended in the crease. As recommended I blended Pause for Applause up from the crease to the browbone which was so different! I quite liked it though.


Day 5: I went with a smokey eye as I was in a rush and only used Raincheck? with Milk It for the highlight.


This kit was $56 which I found to be incredible value. You get 1.2g of each powder shadow compared to the 3g of a full size and 3.2g of the cream shadow compared to 4.5g. This is quite a generous size for a palette, particularly the cream shadows.

This set is extremely versatile and I easily got 5 very different looks out of it for a week. There are also many other variations you could do. I also like that you can create lighter and darker looks with it, I was worried there wouldn’t be enough for me to work with but I love it! I’m not sure if I’d buy the other kits simply because I don’t really wear those colours but there are some shadows here I will definitely buy as individuals when I run out!

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