What I’ve Been Up To!

Hi all,

So I though I’d just make a quick post today to let you all know what I’ve been up to and why I haven’t been updating despite having a bit of a backlog on things to post about!

First of all I packed up and left my shop which I worked at for a year! I loved running it and I learnt so much. Also it was a huge ordeal moving out as it turns out I had acquired a lot more fabric than I thought so it took over 2 days. Most of my stuff is now in storage but a lot of it has filled up my hallway at home so I need to sort that out now!


Also I’ve started full-time study which is at least 9am-4pm every weekday plus I have a bunch of assignments! I am loving it though and I get to be really creative which is my favourite thing. Everything’s been a bit of a blur as I only had a few days off between closing the shop and starting study so I haven’t had time to orient myself.

I did buy some new makeup today though and I am hoping to test that out for a few days and take photos and just do a little write up at the end. Most of the time when I get home I am too exhausted to take my tripod out and take photos. Also my last three weekends have been so packed I haven’t even had time then!

I will definitely make an effort to sort out a balance and find time to blog, I think I need a day of taking many many photos then I can write at my leisure. If you want to follow what I do on a day-to-day basis (an you don’t already) then follow me on Instagram!

One exciting thing I did recently was entering a Glory Day’s competition! I didn’t win but I liked my photo! The theme was “women in the workplace” so I thought it would be suitable if I photographed myself at my work doing my job.


Hope to be back to posting soon! And as always…

anna text


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