Miami Glam – Heidi Klum Intimates Review

Hi everyone,

Today I’m going to be reviewing one of my newer sets of lingerie – Miami Glam by Heidi Klum Intimates.

The origin story of this set becoming mine is very similar to my last lingerie review. Had some spare time-went to Bendon-this looked interesting-only available in sister size. Literally the same chain of events. I forgot to take flat-lay pictures so I’ll just show you them on the body.

I first tried on the ‘corset’ which is actually a boned bodice but it had very little room in the hips, otherwise I probably would have bought it. I purchased the Contour Balconette Bra as well as the Bikini Brief. I loved the soft cups of the corset and didn’t know there was also a soft cup bra as it wasn’t at the store I was in.

I picked this set because it looked really different. The lace embroidery is very sweet and I like the addition on of the bits of lace and tiny bows everywhere. Also the shape of the briefs is very different to most now, it’s actually a shape that was used often in the Bendon and Elle Macpherson lines in the early 2000’s. A lovely friend of mine recently gifted me some pieces from then which I adore.


The usual price of this set is $179.94 and I got it for $107.94 which was a huge saving! I also again purchased the set in a 12D/L all the 10DD sizes are sold out at the store I frequent so next time I buy if they don’t have it in store I’ll order it online.

The placement of the bow at the bottom of the cups is so different and interesting! I’m not sure if I’m a fan but it is different. The tiny bows on the straps are also very sweet, I love how tiny they are!


I also really like the lace positioning beside the back fastening. It’s another nice touch that I think adds to justifying the price. The cups are also lined with silk which is a great feature and always feels so nice.


I found the band of this bra to fit HUGE like I don’t feel like there’s any tension on the band when I wear it. I think even a 10DD would be too loose as the mesh wings are so light and have so much stretch. I want to take this bra in but I’m not quite sure where, I really like the lace at the back as I’ve mentioned but it means it would be too much work to take it in from there! It will be really difficult as I will have to take out a lot of fabric. If you can then definitely sister size down in this one.

The cups fit well but are quite a flat profile, that might be something to keep in mind if you are more font of projection. I for one am used to bullet bras so having such a flat bust feels a little strange.


The brief is really quite small on this set! A deep one would looks really beautiful in this set but I do like that, again, this is different. It’s very delicate and a style that I think would definitely suit smaller people better. I like the light ruching at the back and the tiny bows just top it all off. It’s a very sweet set but I think with the dark navy it does make it a little more mature and sophisticated. In a white/pink colourway this would make absolutely stunning bridal lingerie. Also they fit my 43” hips well in a large.


This is a nice feminine set of lingerie which isn’t overly sweet. I’m really fond of it and it’s nice to have quite a unique design.

I do really like the set, it is a bit more expensive but it’s very comfortable and is made to a very high quality. The embroidery is also amazing and unique, the placement of it is really good and there was clearly a lot of thought put into it. I personally prefer a less flat shape but I’ll still wear this often, it’s definitely comfortable enough to!

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