Olive Rich Cleansing Milk – Review

Hi everyone!

Today I will be reviewing one of my newest and favourite skincare products! I have previously talked about this brand before in my Olive Illuminating Face Polish review so if that sounds like more if your kind of product then check it out!

First I do want to talk a little about the brand and why I am so fond of them. Olive is a New Zealand based brand and all their products are made on-site at the Simunovich Olive Estate, which also contains their vast olive grove where they harvest their oil from. They make a huge range of products – from their own line of olive oil to skin, body and hair care.

The website is also very open about their products. They have pages dedicated to the benefits of using olive oil, endorsements and even detailing their process. Every product page also features a list of all the ingredients and they include a glossary that explains what they are and why they are used.

Now time for my review of the Rich Cleansing Milk by Olive!


I picked this up because I was looking for an affordable cleanser and I’d had a great experience last time I used an Olive product. They also use good quality ingredients that are proven to work, unlike many of the more mainstream cheap skincare brands.

This is described as being a “gentle and creamy cleanser to remove makeup, tone and protect skin”. It has a great light and smooth texture without being runny. I find it doesn’t work very well at removing my makeup, but I do wear a lot of heavy duty stuff. I always like to take off my makeup with makeup remover anyway so that I get the full effect of the skincare but if you are more of a light-makeup wearer then give it a go.


As with the exfoliator I have tried from them this is also free from parabens, mineral oils, artificial colourants or fragrances, silicones and animal testing which is all a huge plus. I use this several times a week on the days when I’m not using the exfoliator. I haven’t been great with my skincare recently due to having a lot going on but I tried this a few days ago to remind myself and I am back in the game!

I have dry skin and this doesn’t leave my face feeling as tight as other cleansers I’ve tried. It also helps to smooth out my face at the end of a tough day. This product does have a slightly floral scent but it isn’t too overpowering. Also because it doesn’t have any added fragrance the smell is quite light and natural as it’s just the scent of the active ingredients and you don’t end up feeling like you’ve walked through a perfume aisle.


I use about a full pump for my whole face, and instead of applying with a cotton ball I just rub it over my face with my fingers. I do my skincare in the evenings so I’ll put this on and leave it while I brush my teeth, then I rinse it off and pat my face dry with a hand-towel which I just use for my face.

The first time I used this I was blown away, it left my skin feeling super soft and that was just after one use! This product uses a lot of oils and oil extracts so it is extra nourishing. It has continued to impress me after each use and I do find my makeup applies more smoothly in the mornings. This contains 100ml of product which is a smaller amount than I am used to, but I think it’s probably a more reasonable size and makes it much easier to travel with.

This retails for just $16.95 which makes it really affordable. It can be purchased at Farmers stores or directly from their website.I am so happy with this that I really have no desire to try any others at the moment, and will definitely be sticking with this for a long time.

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One thought on “Olive Rich Cleansing Milk – Review

  1. Victoria July 18, 2016 / 10:27 AM

    I’ve been looking for a face cream for aaaages, I might look into the Olive range!

    If you’re looking for another local brand to check out/reveiw have a look at Apicare, they’re a small NZ company who make honey based skincare products. Their hand cream worked wonders for me (I sound like an old lady lol)

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