Wilson Trollope Pop-Up Shop + Review!

Hi everyone,

Today I’m going to be talking about a couple of pieces I recently bought at the Wilson Trollope Workroom Sale Pop-Up shop which has opened up here in Wellington and I will also be talking about this NZ based ethically made brand!

A few weeks ago there was a Wilson Trollope Pop-Up shop located in Dukes Arcade on Manners St, Wellington. I was really swamped with work at the time and didn’t have a chance to go and was really gutted. There were some beautiful looking garments and I definitely wanted to try things on instead of buying randomly online. But the heavens shone down on me as last week as I saw a poster for a Wilson Trollope Workroom Sale!


For those of you who don’t know a Pop-Up shop is one where the clothing or items are displayed for a limited amount of time – from a week to a few months. A Workroom sale is one where a designer will sell of old season stock, sample garments and sometimes fabrics and findings.

First I’ll talk a little bit about the brand and then I’ll discuss what I bought!


According to the ‘About’ page on the Wilson Trollope Website “Wilson Trollope is the fashion label of Wellington designer, Annabelle Wilson. Launched winter 2013, the label is named after both her grandmothers, stylish and talented dressmakers who taught Annabelle their craft.” She loves to create timeless and feminine inspired pieces which *ding ding ding* often is code for vintage inspired! The original pop-up shop caught my eye as there were some beautiful full skirted dresses in both solid and interestingly printed fabrics.

There are a few stockists of Wilson Trollope around the country which can be found here, but sadly there are no permanent ones down here in Wellington. I’m hoping I’ll be able to try on the current collection before the spring/summer collection arrives. All the clothing is made in NZ which I am very excited about as it not only supports ethical fashion but also supports local designers! Also Wellingtonians represent!


The first piece I bought is the Milano Top in Red. I bought this in a size 10 which according to the size chart fits a 88cm bust and 75cm waist which is about 34.5” and 29” respectively. I’m about a 93cm bust and 75cm waist (37” & 29”) and I find it fits quite well, it is a little snug in the arms if I’m stretching and moving around but that’s understandable as I would fit the next size up a little better. When I tried it on at the store I thought the buttons went at the front so I thought the fit was totally weird but nope! Turns out I just had it on backwards.


I really love the length and cut of this top! It is really flattering and the back button fastening means that it has a lot of hip room. The fabric is a lightweight 20% silk 80% rayon composition and combined with the style I think it will be great for spring and autumn. It is quite delicate and I actually tore around the button as I was trying to put my stockings in. I think this is fair enough considering it is a smaller size than I should have worn, so oops on my part!


The only record I could find of this piece was a white version from 2013 so it was possibly released then. This isn’t a style available in the current collection anymore. I bought this from $20 down from $260 which is a huge bargain, but is understandable if it was released 3 years ago. It’s really nice to have an opportunity to buy good quality ethically made clothing at a really low price. Obviously this isn’t sustainable for the business but if I had the budget I would definitely consider purchasing again. It’s a great way to get a taste of a brand and see the difference in style and quality compared to regular fast-fashion stores.


This top is really nice and I think it will definitely go into my regular clothing rotation! I can see myself wearing it with so much and I’m excited to give it a try over top of some jeans.


The other thing I bought was the Liberty skirt in Black/Blue. I bought this again in a size 10 and I do find it to be a little snug in the waist, but to be fair I have gained a little weight recently and it isn’t uncomfortably tight. I really like the design of this, it’s wearable but also super stylish. I think the black spots on black fabric is a nice subtle detail that makes it more interesting and I love the peeks of blue! This was actually the first thing that really caught my eye when I went into the store.


This skirt is made from 70% silk and 30% cotton. The black fabric is actually taffeta which I am a huge fan of and is what gives it a nice shape. I bought this one for $30 discounted from $280 and I think this was part of a collection from 2014. There were others in the store for $50 but this was marked down for being faulty. I can’t quite decipher the sticker as to why it is faulty but it seems well constructed to me so it might be a slight error with the panelling but I’m not sure.


The skirt is a little shorter than  I would usually wear but I don’t find it uncomfortably short and again, this is something I can see myself wearing regularly. It has some interesting points of difference but I can still easily match it with my other clothes. Also this would look great with a black velvet top and black stockings for a more dressed up look.

Both of these and I believe all Wilson Trollope clothing is made in New Zealand so I feel really good about supporting this brand. Annabelle has really hit the mark with her designs making them wearable and fashionable. Both the top and the skirt have details which make them differ from regular ‘basics’ but are clothes I can see myself wearing all the time and I will have no trouble incorporating into my wardrobe. I am really keen on the Wing dress and Habitat skirt from the current collection

If you are in Wellington go to the workroom sale. It’s open until the 10th of July and hours are on the Facebook page here. If you have a limited budget then this is a great way to get new and designer clothes and if you have a larger budget have a try on of things and consider purchasing from the current collection! I think I’ll be in again before the sale is over!

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