Bibi O Bilge – Pleasure State White Label Review

Hi all,

Sorry for the absence, I have (yet again) had a lot going on including some health issues so posting might still be a bit sporadic for a while.

A few weeks ago it was a Friday evening and I was in town depositing money to the bank when I remembered there was a Bendon sale on and the store was just a few metres down the road. I hadn’t been in for months and wasn’t really sure on the current stock so I decided to head down and try some things on. I am always drawn to Pleasure State, particularly with their new designer being phenomenal at the moment so it’s where I head first whenever I visit! I tried on a few pieces but settled on Bibi O Bilge from Pleasure State’s White Label line, a piece that caught my eye as soon as I walked in.


This set caught my eye because it looks so sweet and soft and is very reminiscent of Japanese lingerie, something I am a huge fan of despite the fact it clashes with my size and desire for more ethically sources pieces. By Japanese lingerie I mean the basic mass produced sets sold on sites like eBay and AliExpress. Also I am not sure of Bendon Group/Pleasure State’s manufacturing standards, I’m sure they aren’t great but you can buy a set of Japanese lingerie for $6 online so there is a bit of a difference.


The usual price for this set would have been $114.90 but because it was on sale I scored it for $85! The sad truth is though that it’s on sale online for $68.94 at the moment, so if this review tempts you then go for it!

Also I bought the bra in a 12D as they were sold out of my usual 10DD and the brief in an L, but I will talk about the fit a bit later.


There might be a few gratuitous macro shots in this post as it has so many small details that are beautiful. This set is made from a soft white eyelash lace with gold cording, as well as a mint green stretch brocade. I normally despise gold but in this case it just adds a slight shimmer and depth to the pieces that I don’t mind at all.

So here are the pieces on me. I fell in love with this bra for it’s unique styling. It looks like a small white bralette layered over the mint bra, swoon! These pieces are actually separate but attached at the base of the bra and the straps. If I ever find this set in clearance for $20 you can bet I’m going to buy it and separate the pieces!

I really like the pleating and ruching on this set, it adds even more texture! I’m glad it wasn’t too much on the back of the briefs as it could have been a bit much the whole way down.


Here’s the inside so you can see it is just a regular moulded cup plunge bra with an overlay. The underwire casing is continuous but it is actually two separate wires. I’ve worn this bra a few times since purchasing and it’s been really comfortable everytime, I’ve never reached a point in the evening where I need to take it off. The continuous casing also prevents the wires from digging into my sternum which is a problem I face often and is thankfully alleviated. The side boning hasn’t been digging in and also


An extra close up because look at that white corded elastic. This has so many exquisite details that I think work wonderfully together. The textured brocade adds depth beneath the lace and I think they did a great job at matching the eyelash lace to the strapping and side elastics. If I had to use one word to describe this set it would be “sweet” as everything is so gentle and delicate.


As I bought the bra in a 12D as opposed to a 10DD there is quite a bit of room in the band. The cups definitely fit well though, and I can always take in the wings if I find the excess room to be too much. Also the large briefs fit my 43” hips very well and I find them to be really comfortable too. The front part also has a white mesh lining so it offers a little more coverage compared to the lace back.


Those textures though!


A final look at the bra as I give my final thoughts. This bra would also be good for lower-cut tops as it would negate the need to wear a camisole underneath for those of you who like to. I was extremely gutted to be told by the Design Director of Pleasure State (who found my picture on Instagram) that this range will only be available in this colourway as I had my heart set on buying more! She did say that there is an evolution of this style coming but it will be hitting the shop floor at the end of next year! So long to wait but it still sounds very exciting!

I definitely recommend this, and especially while it’s on sale! The fit is good and it’s really comfortable and a nice change of shape from usual bras. I really liked trying something light as opposed to my usual black and red.

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