Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation Review

Hi everyone,

Welcome to another foundation review, part of the Pale People Problems mini-series where I search my hardest for an ideal foundation.

So I while ago I went hunting in Farmers for a pale foundation, I swatched something from eeeevery brand. I am extremely pale, both MAC and Cover FX’s N10 shades are a touch too dark. I find it very odd that while 80% of the foundations are made for a ‘white’ complexion the range in this is so small! Especially living in a small country where makeup is ridiculously expensive compared to other countries.


This is the Miracle Match Foundation by Max Factor in the shade Light Ivory 40, which is the lightest shade available. Also pictured is my Cover FX Custom Cover Drops, which I love for bumping up the coverage. Today I will just be wearing the foundation on it’s own to show you what it looks like.


I use 2-3 pumps to cover my whole face plus a little down my neck. It’s quite runny so it pools quickly and you can’t just wave it around on the back of your hand.

This is what it looks like as-is and with concealer. It doesn’t really dry up and mattify as far as I can tell, but I never waited too long before powdering.

I ran out of my white powder so this is what I’m using at the moment. It doesn’t do much to lighten but I do pack it on pretty heavily! This powder is really nice and smooth though, it makes my made-up face feel so soft! I would prefer to use my old white powder to help fix the colour, but it might be a couple of weeks until I can get more.

The lower half of my face looks a bit darker because of a shadow by the way, it’s not a terrible powder gradient.

This is my finished makeup! I wanted my makeup to match a new dress I made, so it’s a bit different to usual. You can see here that many of my freckles are visible underneath it. I would say it is medium coverage, and ideally I would like a full coverage. I’m okay with how it looks over most of my face but I feel like the pattern of my freckles makes my contour look a little mottled and dirty.

The first picture looks a lot more yellow, but I took the pictures about 5 mins apart. It does look a little lighter with more direct natural light. Shadow and artifical lighting definitely bring out the yellow tones in it though, but when swatching it on my hand I thought it might end up too pink!

This is my foundation 3 hours in. Sorry the lighting is a little weird, the sun was setting and we already had the lights on.

After 8 hours! The finish is still quite nice, though because of the amount of powder I use I don’t tend to get too oily. I haven’t noticed any extra dryness on my face using this which has been nice, I guess that’s where the ‘nourish’ part comes in.

If you like a medium coverage, not too pale, affordable foundation then I would say definitely try it. If this had more coverage and was a little paler I would love it. The finish does not diminish throughout the day and the coverage is nice and even. But this just doesn’t make the cut for me and remains a Pale People Problem.

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