May the Month of Lingerie – A Recap

Hi everyone,

Well May the Month of Lingerie has just finished and I thought I’d recap it here! I didn’t do weekly posts like last year as I just haven’t had the energy recently.

It’s so much fun every year and my favourite thing is definitely the community! There’s now a Lingerie of the Month instagram account which is definitely one to follow if you are into lingerie. I discover so many new people to follow at the end of every month! Each month a theme is selected for people to play with and post pictures of their related lingerie. As I’ve said it is very fun and there’s such a loving, kind and inspiring group of ladies who run and participate in it!

For day 1 I wore the Dita Von Teese Madame X set in white, this is the high-waisted brief and the soft cup bra and an old favourite. For day 2 I went with one of my old reliable Pleasure State White Label sets, Layla Belle. The lace of these knickers is so delicate feeling but very durable and comfortable.

Day 3 became a two-part post, by the way this is Pleasure State White Label ‚Äď Izobel Dakota set. Two days in and I was getting ridiculous amounts of harassment from men. I almost wanted to quit May the Month of Lingerie even though it was only a few days in! I think I might need to do a blog post discussing this issue. The image didn’t seem to change much though, but it did get some passionate ladies agreeing with me!

Day 4 was¬†Pleasure State Couture’s Theodora Skye which you can read about my love for in previous year’s posts.

Day 5 comfort was priority and I went with a Bendon brand sports bra and some Kiss Me Deadly knickers from the Fuchsia Sirena set.

Day 6 was also pretty comfy with Stella McCartney’s Viola Dozing set.

Day 7, my baby the “Metropolis” set, a.k.a¬†Pleasure State Couture‚Äôs Hazel Bijou. It’s a bit small for me now but I am looking to attempt to find it in my current size.

Day 8 felt pretty special as I pulled out this old set of lingerie I made myself a few years ago! It is made of black velvet with a patterned mesh back and bright red cotton lining inside! It fits me really well and I want to get into wearing it more. This picture is also officially my most liked on instagram with over 1,100 likes! So crazy! I’m also wearing the Glorified Girl suspender belt by Dita Von Teese and contrast lace stockings by What Katie Did.

I missed out day 9, I was in a rush to get to work and by the time I got home it was too dark to take pictures and I was pretty exhausted.

Day 10 featured my What Katie Did Cathedral bra which I’ve previously reviewed on my blog here, as well as some basic black lacy briefs by Lyric.

Day 11 got 2 pictures as I was so inspired by ladies looking beautiful in pantihose and also wanted to feature what I was wearing underneath.This is the Triumph Poesie set, which I’ve also previously reviewed as well as possibly Bonds pantihose in bright blue! Though it did remind me why I rarely wear them.

Day 12 was the¬†Syl and Terry¬†amaaaaing set from Paranoire design!¬†So many sets I’ve reviewed. This is my ultimate comfy but cool lingerie and I always feel good when I wear it.

Day 13 featured the Guilded Genie Teddy by Pleasure State. I wasn’t having a great day so I just lounged around in this. This is also probably one of my favourite pictures from the whole month too!

Day 14 was simple and I wore an Elle Macpherson (now Heidi Klum) Body set. It’s always easy though I do get frustrated by the elastic rolling up on the bra.

Day 15 was Glorified Girl from Dita Von Teese. I know I previously raved about this set but I’m just not in love with it any more. It doesn’t help that the bra and brief are now too small, I just hate how low rise the underwear are!

Day 16. I don’t recall the name of this bra but I believe it was an Elle Macpherson style. The briefs are by Essence which are actually a New Zealand brand! They are deep and comfortable which I love.

Day 17¬†I hadn’t had much energy so I pulled out all the stops to help myself feel better! I wore the¬†Evollove Night Sky Contour bra, with a deep shaping suspender belt and knickers made by me! These are some of my favourite pieces and I am looking to produce more later in the year. Also wearing Columbine Misty stockings.

Day 18 was another old favourite Dita Von Teese set. I’m not sure of the name of this but I am obsessed with the bra fit. It’s a little small for me now (as are most of my bras) but I need this in my new size, I’ve owned it in 2 so far!

Day 19 I went with this What Katie Did Cathedral bra again, it’s a more relaxed fit as it has no underwire. I am also wearing Acapella briefs from Farmers and Levante Stay-Ups.

Day 20, I was so excited to wear this new Evollove bra! It fits me! I’ve recently gone up a cup size and I’ve found most of my underwire bras quite painful because of this. I didn’t keep the tag and it was in the clearance section so I can’t find the name, but it is the same as their other 3-part cup bras. Also blue cotton Bendon briefs.

Day 21 was another handmade set I had completely forgotten about. It was censored for instagram of course. The mesh is super lightweight and the bra definitely needs some strap alterations if I want to start wearing it more as they were very loose.

Day 22 I went out to a lovely high-tea with the Wellington Pinups. I wore my same Evollove and Suspender combo and matched them with some Paranoire Mystery pants! Also more Columbine stockings.

Day 23 a rather old Elle Mapherson bra which was such a retro style to it! I also wore What Katie Did shaping knickers, mainly because I was near the end of my wash cycle and these vaguely matched!

A bodysuit only day for day 24. I made this so long ago but I still have many metres of this fabric. It is super soft which made this super comfortable. I really like how the back looks.

Day 25 was greeted with more Dita! The bright pink Parisienne bra, I couldn’t find the matching briefs so I went with these Evollove ones which match my longline bra.

Day 26 I wore my velvet bra again as well as the lacy Essence briefs. I also wore these super cute and cosy socks as it’s starting to get rather cold! I don’t remember the brand, but I am such a sucker for anything snowflake patterned or Nordic inspired.

Day 27 I went for the Kiss Me Deadly¬†Violet Divine set. The longline bra looked great under a snug stretchy dress and leggings. I really need to continue The Great Longline Bra Quest but I don’t really have the disposable income and it’s hard to fit in with my ethical shopping!

Day 28 called for Saturday comfort so it was just these floral print lacy Jockey briefs which I have had for many years.

Day 29 was another no bra day! This time I wore the white colourway of these Essence briefs. I bought them in a Kirk’s sale for only $8 each, such a bargain and I should have bought like 10 pairs!

Day 30 I was back in Paranoire. I wasn’t feeling amazing so of course I needed this set for support. I’ve started doing yoga so I’m hoping if I can accomplish an impressive move I will take a picture wearing this set! Also at some point soon I’d love to get back into pole dancing and again I can see posing in this looking magnificent.


Day 31, the finale! Today I wanted to finish with a bang so I picked this Maison Close bra! This chain fringing is amaaaazing. It was the first time I’ve worn it under clothes and it was fine and didn’t actually show up. I definitely want to wear it more now! I also wore my much less glamorous Lyric underwear again.

Well that was May the Month of Lingerie 2016! It was the 3rd year it was held and I took part. I always really enjoy it and it’s good practice posing and doing more with my camera. I am also hugely proud to say I did not edit a single one of these pictures! Previous years I have photoshopped out visible stretch marks and scars but this year I fully embraced them. As always thank you to the wonderful and magnificent Lady Bellentina for creating such a fun thing to do!

I’m thinking of also writing a piece on the harassment I received this year. Boy was it a struggle to get through it, and I definitely had to take on a few men. Let me know if you’re interested but I’ll probably be doing it anyway.

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2 thoughts on “May the Month of Lingerie – A Recap

  1. Aaron November 21, 2016 / 3:51 AM

    You are gorgeous. Thought you should know though I’m sure you get that a lot.

  2. CL Schroedel December 24, 2016 / 9:13 AM

    Beautiful Lady ūüėé

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