Chanel CC Cream Foundation Review – Pale People Problems

Hi everyone,

Today I’m posting the first of hopefully a few blog posts I will be doing relating to ‘pale people problems’, which will essentially be me trying as many foundations as I can to try and find a good one for me. I am extremely pale so I have sooo much difficulty finding something in the correct shade for me, especially as I live in a country where there isn’t a huge range of brands and it’s all really expensive.


I am reviewing the Chanel Complete Correction 30spf foundation. This was one of two foundations I found at Farmers (our local cheapish department store) that were close to matching me. This is the lightest shade ’10 Beige’, I tried other Chanel foundations on that shade but they were all too dark, this was definitely lighter than a full coverage one.

I will also be using the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in ‘Light 1 Chantilly’ which is my favourite concealer.


I squeeze out about this much foundation on the back of my hand and then also do two dabs from the doe-foot applicator of my concealer.


Next I mix them together! I found adding concealer really helped with getting a fuller coverage which I prefer. Also it gives the foundation a slightly thicker consistency.

I apply the foundation with my fingers as I seem to have lost all of my foundation brushes. The picture on the left is just the foundations, and the picture on the right is with concealer under my eyes as well. I won’t show a picture of me without makeup but as you can see from the left picture around my eyes it does have quite good coverage.

I then apply a tiny amount of concealer to my lids and then powder the whole thing with Ben Nye Super White powder. I have been using this powder for years as it helps to both set and lighten foundations. This foundation on its own is a close match but the white powder perfects it. If you are super pale and need a setting powder buy the Ben Nye one I have a 8oz container of it that was $35 and I’ve been using it for 3-4 years and still haven’t run out.


This is my makeup all finished besides lipstick. I didn’t use a moisturiser or primer when I was wearing this foundation, a) I couldn’t afford one and b) this has a really good level of moisture in it. It it labelled as a long-wear product and I think heavy powdering also helps.

cc8 3 hrs

This is 3 hours after foundation application. As you can see a couple of freckles on my face aren’t completely covered, I could dot concealer on them but they aren’t super noticable. I find powder contour and blush blend well into this and don’t end up patchy.

7 hours in. This looks as good as when I applied it! My face does look a little more textured, though this is probably due to not prepping it at all. I also find I get a few little bumps around the edge of my nose which I think is due to a bit of oil buildup. I can use my finger to wipe them away but it will also take off a little foundation and it isn’t super noticeable.

cc11 12hrs

This is after a full 12 hours! I had had a shower which is why some has come away at the hairline and my lipstick was wearing off. I’m rocking way more eye wrinkles as it was past midnight, but the concealer didn’t crease at all after powdered. There is also some wear on my nose (I rub it a lot) and around my chin as I think I was resting it on my hand a lot.

I really adore this foundation but it retails at $90 a tube! Also you don’t get too much product, it contains 30ml and lasted me about a month and a half to two months. If I had the money I would definitely keep purchasing this though. I find it lasts really well, has a really nice finish and is a nice light colour for me when powdered. The coverage is light but mixed with the concealer I love it!

anna text


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