Making Detachable Bra Straps Permanent – Tutorial Thursday

Hello everyone!

Welcome to another sewing post for Tutorial Thursday! This week I will be showing you how to make detachable bra straps permanent, this same method can be used to move bra straps.


I will be working with this Nichole de Carle bra which I previously reviewed here as I have decided that I want the straps to be set and not detachable. I also found the straps to start too far around for me as you can see in the above picture.


What you will need:

  • A bra with straps that need to be made permanent!
  • A sewing machine
  • Two metal sliders (or O-rings) to fit the elastic
  • An unpicker
  • Snips/preferred thread cutting tool
  • Pins (if you usually use them)
  • Fabric scissors (optional, they just make cutting easier)

Part 1 Detaching the Hook and Inserting a New Slider/O-Ring

So first thing you need to do is take off your bra straps. If they are detachable then just slip them off, if you’re shifting them just unpick them where they are secured.


Next you need to unpick the stitching that holds the strap to the flat part of the bra strap as you can see here. If your bra straps are very long then feel free to just cut them off for ease.


Next up is disassembling the slider and loop. What you’re going to want to do it unpick the section that is attached to the slider then remove the hook and the slider.


Now put the new slider piece/o-ring through the elastic. If you are using a slider remember to just put the elastic though one side.


Next slide the elastic through the centre piece of the old slider.


Now stitch it closed. I am just using a plainsewer machine for this, ideally the best option is to use a narrow tight zigzag to do this stitch like how it was originally sewn. A plain straight stitch will work fine, I just went over it 4 times so straight-backtack-straight-backtack to secure it.


This is how it should look.

This is how to thread the slider, and now this part is all done! Below is a picture of the original (top) and the replacement (bottom).


Part 2: Attaching the Straps


Here is a picture of the inside of the cup and the fold of fabric/strapping which the bra hooks onto.


Next mark beside it with chalk and use an unpicker to remove it. I decided to move it a little closer to the centre but I still marked where it had been so I could get an idea of how much I might want to move it.


Next using a straight stitch attach the strap to the place where the loop was marked. Pin it if you need to.

Leave a little bit of a tail on the strap just to make sure you catch it properly and then it can just be trimmed off after being sewn.

Here is the back loop! It is sandwiched between the elastic and wing fabric which makes it a little more tricky to unpick. This will vary from bra to bra.


You just want to then slip out one side of the loop and hopefully the other side will stay put inside.


Take the strap and slip the exposed side of the elastic through the other side of the slider/o-ring that the strap is attached to.


Next slip it back inside the hole made by unpicking.


Now I chose to just go with a black straight stitch, but ideally you’d want to use a matching thread. Anyway simply secure the strap down and close the hole made by the unpicking. And that’s it!


Ta-daaa! Hope you all enjoyed this. I think it’s definitely handy for those of us with narrow shoulders as it’s so much easier to just move in the strap rather than get frustrated all day by slipping straps. Also there are some really beautiful strapless bras out there and this way you can just rip off some straps from an old bra and sew them on! I really don’t like the feeling of strapless bras personally.

I know it’s been a couple of quite intense tutorials recently, I’m not sure what’s next but perhaps showing how I curl my short hair? I welcome suggestions too!

I’m also very excited to reveal that I commissioned a piece of art from Subplague to finish off my blog posts! I love it and I’m so excited to use it to sign off! And as always…

anna text


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