Columbine Hosiery – Stockings review

Hi everyone and welcome to another review,

Today I will be talking about Columbine stockings which is one of the most widely available stocking brands in New Zealand. They are also actually made here which is why I love to buy them as it supporting locally and ethically made clothing!Β Columbine Hosiery is widely available throughout New Zealand and Australia being stocked at chain and department stores like Farmers, Smith & Caugheys, Myer and David Jones.

I’m reviewing the Columbine 15Denier Sheer Stockings. I purchased the shades Misty and Midnight for this review and I bought them at Farmers. I will be showing the unpackaging of the shade Misty as I whipped out the Midnight ones straight away to wear when I bought them. They also come in Blush – a ‘nude’ shade which is too dark for me as well as Ebony – plain black.


Now as you can see these are not the traditional nylon stockings, these do have lycra in them to give them stretch. I think these are a great everyday option as they are comfortable and pretty hard-wearing. These stocking are also only $12 which is such a bargain as most other brands in stores will start at $17. Also if you keep an eye out on the Farmers Thursday sales they often have discounts on hosiery which makes it an even more affordable option!


In terms of sizing I always buy the size Tall. I have size 9-10 feet so I can fit the size Average but I like the tall option as it allows me to wear them at a high ‘opera’ length which is my ideal. Also I don’t want them to be too narrow, to be honest I’m not sure if they are fitted to different led widths or if it just done by length but I suspect the latter.

Here they are when you open them up. I like to keep my inner packaging as it’s a really good way to store stockings by wrapping them back up and labelling them so they don’t end up in a ball on your dresser *ahem*. As you can see they are not leg shaped like traditional nylons because they have the stretch in them to fit and this is a much easier way to produce.


Unstretched they are about the width of my hand but definitely stretch much larger, particularly at the welt. My upper thigh is about 26.5”/67cm in circumference and I can stretch the welt up to over 30”/76cm with my hands. They have also never been baggy around my ankles and are a good opacity all the way down the leg.

Here I am wearing the Midnight shade with a shaping suspender belt/short girdle made by me. I actually love this shade, I bought it once by accident when I wanted black and I was disappointed at first but it’s really grown on me. It’s a nice contrast against black clothing and I’ll put a couple of Instagram pictures in to show you examples of what I wear with them.

Next up is Misty which I’m wearing with the Dita Von Teese ‘Glorified Girl’ Suspender belt. This is a shade I absolutely adoooore! This is probably my favourite shade to wear in cooler weather. It’s a nice contrast with icy blues and light purples.

As I mentioned these stockings are quite hard-wearing. I always wash mine by hand but I’ve previously found they are fine if put in a lingerie bag in the washing machine, though they come out a bit wrinkled. I get at least 15 wears out of mine (often many more) before I get a devastating laddering hole in them. The toes are well re-enforced I find this is where I get a lot of holes but they never run or ladder so I usually will seal them with a bit of clear nail polish and then sew the hole closed. I’ve caught rough nails in the stockings before and it will usually just make a smaller hole than cause a huge disaster, which again I just run some polish around.

This is the outfit I wore on the day. I went out to get lunch and walked almost a kilometre and a half. As you can see the stockings have sagged quite a bit between the clips. They do tend to so I never wear a suspender belt with less than 6 clips with these and I preferably wear one with 8 as they won’t sag as much. I find that if you wear the stockings with fewer clips then the stockings will then sag and then start cutting into your leg if you sit down for too long. I find this suspender belt a little too long for my tastes and it does slide down a little throughout the day, especially over high-waist underwear.

When I wear my stockings at opera length I find that they won’t sag or cut in as much. I think that it because the legs get wider below the welt at the longer length whereas if worn lower they will taper so it is easier for the stockings to slip. Also wearing longer stocking prevents thigh chafing which is always a big plus if you don’t have to do anything extra to avoid that.

These are my most worn stockings and are super affordable for everyday wear. Also they are made right here in NZ and ethical clothing is something really important to me. There’s a good range of shades and I definitely recommend trying them if you haven’t yet!

As always, thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Columbine Hosiery – Stockings review

  1. Victoria May 2, 2016 / 6:02 AM

    Hmm, I used to wear Columbine, but I found them quite scratchy and rough compared to other stockings. I might try them again though, and I’ve never seen those two shades before, they’re so pretty!

  2. Xamia Arc May 5, 2016 / 11:17 AM

    I think they’ve gotten softer, they look less textured than older ones I used to have too. I know, such great colours!

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