Paranoire SYL+TERRY Lingerie Review

Hi all,

Welcome to another lingerie review, I feel like it’s been too long but let’s be honest even if I got lingerie once a week it would feel like too long! Today I’m going to be reviewing a set by ParaNoire Design, one of my favourite indie lingerie designers! I’ve previously reviewed some mystery panties by them here.


As soon as I saw the picture of the underwear put up on Facebook I knew I had to have the set! I’m going to actually have to tell a short story about my order process so you can understand just how fab ParaNoire is!

So I first saw a post about the underwear on the 20th of Feb and I was instantly in love “So, if Piet Mondrian and Windows 95 had a secret lovechild and it turned out to be a panty… this might be it. I’m weirdly in love with this very 90ies print & palette” was the caption and yaaaassss. I adore the 90’s I think everything from that era is hideously gorgeous the clothing silhouettes, the prints, the music, Leonardo DiCaprio’s hair, I could go on!


Anyway on the 25th they posted about the pants again which jogged my memory! I had a voucher from them for a competition I entered so I decided to use it and bought them on the 26th. Then the next day I saw that they had posted about a matching bralette (!!!!) I commented saying essentially ‘I need this release it asap and I will buy’ and I got a response saying that the sample would be finished as soon as some new elastic arrived then I could make an order and have it shipped with the underwear! So it was listed and I bought it on the 29th and it was shipped by 00:30 on the 1st! Crazy fast and amazing service!

For reference I received it on the 17th of March so it was only 2 and a half weeks to ship from Germany which is pretty speedy for something to get to this little country! Anyway onto the actual review!

ParaNoire’s envelopes are made out of outdated topographic maps so they are recycled and recyclable, and the invoice sleeves are even 100% paper! The inner bags are plastic to make sure things don’t get wet but the inner brown paper is recycled and old wrapping paper is used sometimes too.


Here’s my nicely folded lingerie!

The lingerie is always made to order and it is sized by centimetre measurements. I bought the bra in the size 75/92 as my underbust measurement is 77cm and my bust measurement is 95cm so it was the closest option. I also bought the briefs in the size 106 as my hips measurement is 107cm. There are many sizes and they are so close together measurement-wise it’s so easy to get a great fit, there’s no guess work about ‘will a medium work?’ or anything.


First of this lingerie is so soft, it’s made from a cotton jersey which is great as it means this lingerie is also very breathable! The elastic is really nice and soft too with a plush back and there’s no cutting in at all. I have trouble with straps slipping off my shoulders as mine are quite narrow so the racerback is really nice.

Look at this print though! Isn’t it dreadfully perfect! I love all the colours in it and the variety means you can match it with so many other underwear if you haven’t got around to washing the matching underwear yet (I am so bad with washing). I also love that this is actually older fabric so it makes it extra special!


The labels are hand stamped with waterproof ink and I believe a typewriter is used to put the sizing on. They are very cute and a nice unique touch. They are easy to remove if you are inclined to do so as there is only a small part stitched down. I always leave my labels in and you don’t notice these at all throughout the day.


I like a very snug band and this bra is a little on the looser side. I find that it can ride up a bit during the day because of that. But it is exceedingly comfy and it’s not a big issue, just if you like a tighter band I suggest sizing down. This is the ultimate lounging set though, not one part of it will be uncomfortable no matter what you do!


I haven’t owned a pair of boyshort cut underwear for about 3 years and I am so happy to have these. It took me about an hour to get used to them as I was so used to regular cuts and high-waisted rises but now I am loving them! I love the partial leg coverage and I think I will definitely buy more in this cut.


Dun-dun! I ruined them! I handwash my lingerie most of the time but I have one awful pair of black underwear that will never stop seeping dye, I’ve washed them so much and they still do! Anyway I made the tragic mistake of leaving them in a wet pile before hanging them up. I’ve tried to remove the stain with a  couple of cleaners but without success. Oh well I guess I have to order another pair now ;).

And there we have it. I adore this lingerie and it is my #1 go to comfort lingerie at the moment. These are truly well made, I’ve never seen any deterioration from any of my ParaNoire pieces and they are constructed very well. You can buy it from the ParaNoire Design Etsy store and this particular set costs around $125 NZD, which is a great price to pay for something this comfy and well made.

Thank you to ParaNoire (Eva and Liz) for being so lovely to me all the time, and for being so quick with making and shipping the lingerie <3!!

Thanks for reading!


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