Lingerie Of The Month – Bedjacket Self-Portraits

This month I decided to start taking part in Lingerie of the Month! This is an Instagram hashtag which is organised by @tempest.hurricane, @premiumhoney and @pink_and_kawaii_till_i_die. Every month there is a new theme and it gives you a chance to show off your lingerie collection! This months theme is Vintage lingerie so of course I decided to join! I’ve seen it around for a few months and always wanted to join in but wasn’t sure how or when to start.

This post will be a photo heavy one. I was just playing around with some of the lingerie I have and I have decided that I’ll do a few posts showcasing the different types of pieces I have. This first post will be about bed jackets.

Nowadays bed jackets are synonymous with junk mail order catalgoues and old people but they can also be glamorous and functional. These are perfect for the kind of person who likes to go to bed and read while sitting up as they was you can still stay covered and warm above covers. They are also a nice addition over a nightie to keep it a little more modest.

I currently only own two and I believe both were made in the early 1960’s. One is made of a thin blue nylon tricot with white lace detail and the other is made of a different type of nylon in light pink with white lace trim also. In these photos I am also wearing a blue 1950’s nightie.



This bed jacket has a faux bow tie in the centre front, this is stitched in place and it actually fastens with a button. I love the pleating and lace on the bust of the nightie too it’s a very flattering cut and style.




I wasn’t wearing lipstick today as I had a dental appointment but I quite like how it softens the look.







I liked creating a few different moods in these shots, and I love taking self portraits! Ever since I started studying photography in high-school I have adored being the photographer and model and I ended up the only model in my second and final year portfolios. I enjoy being able to control the look of the shot in all aspects and I have so much fun when I’m playing a character like in the darker shots.


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