Neko Atsume Cape Review

This year for Christmas I received a Neko Atsume cape! I am a huge fan of this mobile game as it’s so cute and non-stressful. My significant other also bought me a plushie of the Tubbs character. Although it’s summer there have been a couple of days where I’ve needed a little warmth so I decided to try out my new cape!

This is not ethically made clothing, I am reviewing this because it’s something people might be interested in. It was purchased for me last year as a gift.


With the cape I am wearing a Rock Steady t-shirt, skirt made by me and some What Katie Did Red/Champagne Seamed Stockings. I am a huge fan of short skirts and opaque stockings in winter.

Also excuse the lighting, for some reason it got super bright when I went to take photos.


The main fabric is a black medium-weight felt like fleece and the lining and contrast is a basic flannel shirting in black/red gingham. The garment is 100% polyester. It’s still pretty soft just not super cuddly. It has a decent amount of thickness so you don’t get the wind coming through the fabric.


This cape is available in both a black and white design, this one is based on the cat Pepper from Neko Atsume and the white is based on Mack.

I really like the hood detail with the face and cute little ears! Both the face and cat pocket are embroidered on so there’s no worry about it fading in the wash. The hood is also a nice large size, it doesn’t pull on your hair and gives a nice shape.

As well as the three front buttons it features one on each side of them hem to make it more like sleeves. I love the look this gives and it’s really handy so it doesn’t just billow around. This cape doesn’t give a full range of movement as it isn’t a full circle cut but this with the buttons makes it great for windier places.


The back of the cape also features an appliqued tail in the lining fabric, It’s nice as it gives the cape some interest from the back if you have the hood up. Also the length of the cape means the tail is perfectly placed.


I really like that this cape has so many wear-ability options. You can bundle yourself up with all buttons done up, or have it open with only the top button (this is great as it gives you all the movement) and also just have the front buttons done up.


The front pocket is functional and I think it would be a great size and placement for an i-Pod. I walk a lot in town as I live in a central suburb and don’t own a car so I find myself walking for long stretches just listening to music. This would be super handy as I find it really annoying having to find and open up my bag just to change songs especially as I have a rubbery i-Pod case so it sticks to everything.


This cape is super easy to find on Ebay if you just search ‘Neko Atsume Cape’. I’m not sure exactly which seller mine is from but the label is ‘Manchy’ and they are probably all made by the same factory anyway.

I like this and I think I’ll definitely get a lot of wear out of it in the cooler months.It’s not an expensive item and isn’t made ethically thus it has a few loose threads and the fabric isn’t amazing quality. This can definitely work with a lot of styles too, I can definitely see it with a Lolita or Goth look but with a tartan skirt this would be a perfect way to ‘cutesy’ up a vintagey outfit.

Thanks for reading!


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