New Pleasure State Couture Styles!

Today I went shopping as I wanted a few new makeup items. Mecca Cosmetica has just recently opened up a store on Lambton Quay which I am obsessed with. It’s a lot nicer than when it was in Kirckaldies as they aren’t competing with other brands in the shop and they have more space. I actually didn’t end up buying any makeup but I did pop into Bendon (I have to whenever I go past). I noticed they had some new styles in the window and OH MY GOOOOSH. I knew I had to make a post as they have some spectacular new styles!

*Note: Maybe these aren’t very exciting for some people, but we have one chain lingerie store in my country and a veeery small brand selection.

These are all by Pleasure State and are part of the Couture range except one which is White Label. I think the must have hired a new head designer or something because these styles are crazy amazing. They are definitely on trend and some are very unique! I’m not sure what order to post these in but I think I’ll just go for it! I may have to pop into Bendon at some point this week to try them all on and let you guys know what I think of the fit (though it’s hard to tell by just a try-on).

First up we have the Isla Domino – Couture range!

I love seeing such elegant strappy details on a mainstream brand! It also seems they put some thought into it instead of making it just a Marlies Dekkers knock off. I really like the centre front detail with the bow. I really don’t like plunge bras which only offer a thin strip to connect the cups and the amount of strapping makes it look very secure. The bow also doesn’t feel like an unnecessary afterthought. I think it lends itself well to the similar strappy lines and thank god it matches as I am not a fan of the neon contrasts which are on so many Heidi Klum Intimates pieces.

The pale pink is a nice subtle colour and I absolutely adore that shade on darker skin tones. Metallic fabrics are never as good in pictures but this gold of this galloon lace is fabulous in person, it’s so rich and vibrant with great shine. The colourway is officially Primrose Pink/Maize which I think is very accurate description. This set is quite pricey as it is the Couture label but all the pink trim is silk, as is the bra cup fabric.

There’s also a thong in this set which has the same front cut out detail as the brief but lacks the higher straps. I like that though they reused the style, they didn’t make one brief option boring.

Also this set is available as a bodysuit! I love this as well. It looks nice and structured and I could see it working so well under a semi-sheer white blouse. Also I can imagine this would look gorgeous on a lazy Sunday morning with the light streaming down onto the lace. I could see that making a beautiful seaside photoshoot. The bodysuit does have a thong back though, I personally like full backed briefs so it’s worth noting.

Next is the Vesper Fleur – Couture range

Look at this bra! This doesn’t look like the usual Bendon offering of t-shirt bra with lace overlay! I adore bras which have designs over the chest, and again this doesn’t feel like a direct copy of another design. It has clear inspiration but it is it’s own self. I can definitely see this with a boat-neck or off the shoulder sheer top for a party look. I did wear a bra under a lace shirt today so I have no trouble showing off my lingerie. Really this would look great with any lower neckline, scoop, v-neck whatever!

The brief has no cut out or layered detailing but I think the seaming is a nice way to mirror the bra. I do very much like leavers lace as it’s usually so soft and delicate and it’s beautifully sheer in this set. This is a great example of some classic black lingerie, it doesn’t need any colour or contrast but is still so interesting. This set does feature some bows – centre front of the pieces. These have long tails and are accessorised with Swarovki crystals at the end.

The Vesper Fleur also comes as a regular underwire bra, thong and suspender. I’m not super into the regular bra, but it does seem like another classic. But. Do. You. See. The. Depth. Of. That. Suspender?! So long! When I saw it in the shop I thought it was like a skirt and would start at the waist. You could probably still wear it that way though, but this was interesting to see. Of course I would insert stronger garter straps if I was to purchase this.

Of course there is a thong option. I’m not sure if I like the lace at the top of it as it feels a little out of place compared to the other pieces. I would have personally preferred a classic cut to showcase the pattern of the lace, maybe in the same vein as the regular brief.

Classic is simply the word I have for this set. You can have the look skimpy and sheer with the underwire bra and thong or you can go all out with the detailed bra, suspender and deep brief. I honestly long for that last combination to be under a scarlet red dress at a cocktail party. I just feel anyone could find pieces they adore.

Cara Kink – Couture

The elastic on these pieces reminds me sooo much of knitted lingerie! Honestly it’s the other pieces in this set I’m more interested in so feel free to skip down.

I have a friend how is very into the 70’s so I wonder if I could persuade her with this set. I feel like I visualise too many of these in specific situations but this set on a 70’s brown rug in the late afternoon sun listening to vinyl? That’s how I see this. Also I think this blue would be heavenly with brown.

This colourway is called total eclipse which I really like for this dark navy. I don’t like the underlay on the padded bra though, I would have prefered a softcup but I understand why they did it. The wide elastic/’textured band’ has a lace up detail, finished with a bow, at the front of most of the pieces which is a nice touch. Also have you noticed the wide hook and eye back fastenings? So wide! I find wider ones sooo much more comfortable – now we just need to petition for wider shoulder and suspender straps!

Like holy my gosh do you see that suspender?! The wedding-like garters are attached! Can you just imagine how much this would improve the look of your stocking tops? With some sheer Cervin navy stockings this could go down in history. Also adoooore the ruffles, they work well with the scalloped lace edges of both bra styles. I was so excited when I saw this hanging up in the shop. I’ve never seen a leg suspender done this well, but if others exist feel free to link me!

The thong front is similar to the brief but has a higher rise. It also has a little cut out at the front which is a nice point of difference

And finally the Ramona Ryder – White Label

This set is so attention grabbing, I’m pretty sure I audibly gasped when i saw this in-store. This has so many fun and interesting shapes. I really like the boldness of the black mesh cup detailing and the cut outs of the brief. That brief has 3 cutouts and 7 if you include the back keyholes, a-ma-zing, I need those in my life.

This set is a Black/Pearl colourway and I love that colour description. The pink colour on screen is so subtle in real life. It’s just every so slightly off white but with pink instead of beigey undertone which gives it so much softness. The black is a striking contrast and yes, that is leopard print velvet flocked mesh a.k.a the dream fabric. I love how the soft and hard colours play with the interesting lines and shapes. I also like that it is finished in a black trim to really keep all the lines clean.

I adore the sports look of the thong + alternate bra but I can’t find that other bra! It’s not on the Pleasure State or Bendon site so I hope it will still be released. These two together look super comfy as well. Although I like all of the pieces to the brief I love that the front of the thong is all one fabric with the inner pink detailing, it’s simplicity with interest. I also wish all the straps were black and pink striped.

Also another bodysuit, yaaaaasss. I really want this. I would totally wear this as a top, and it would go so well with a black chiffon skirt, a nice breezy summer look. It’s made of all meshes so it’s going to be comfortable. I also like that this one has waist detail, I adore bodysuits but waist highlighting is the best, it’s why high-waisted things are always great. Plus this one doesn’t have a thong brief, it’s not a full back but would still be comfortable. The bodysuit continues with the great lines, the new bodysuits have some uniqueness and don’t just look like some fabric slapped between the regular bra and brief.

Although this is the only really exciting set in the White Label collection I think it is a great way to showcase that more interesting designs can be made for the cheaper lines. The White Label pieces are usually around half the price of the Couture pieces as they don’t use such luxurious findings or details.


The one thing I did notice about all the briefs and thongs featured is that they are not very down-there hair-friendly. They are all so extremely sheer and of course wear what you want and do what you want with your hair but sometimes it’s nice not to have a design interrupted by it.

These are some wonderfully unique new pieces and I am very excited to see the direction the brand is heading in. Also definitely excited for some of these to come out in different colourways in future seasons! Anyway those are just some of my thoughts and hope you enjoyed!

*All the images I used were from


2 thoughts on “New Pleasure State Couture Styles!

  1. Victoria February 13, 2016 / 10:49 AM

    Oooh, the Vesper Fleur bra is beautiful! I quite like Pleasure State, I feel like they usually have a few different and eye-catching designs among the rather bland range of New Zealand underwear. This post makes me excited about the direction they’re heading in!

    • Xamia Arc February 16, 2016 / 12:47 AM

      I definitely agree! They didn’t have my size of the Vesper Fleur when I went to try them on recently, but hopefully I’ll get to soon!

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