Miss Moonshine/American Vehicle Day – The Competition

Hi all,

As many of you may know I had the pleasure of attending the American Vehicle Day this past weekend and I even entered this Miss Moonshine Pinup competition! I also took a lot of photos in the morning so I thought I’d split it into a couple of posts. This first one will be about the competition and sharing pictures from it, my significant other was in the audience photographing for me so you may see quite a few of me haha.


Miss Monique Sweet was the MC for the event as she was the Miss Moonshine 2015 winner. You can see all us nervous ladies at the back. I was second up which was pretty terrifying but I did get to reject the offer for going first.


I’ll talk more about my outfit in my second post about the day, but I made the dress, belt and bag and accessorised the hat. I am pretty awful at public speaking but this was probably the most confident I’ve felt doing it for years. I’m sure a lot of it had to do with the amazingly supportive audience and I had a huge group of pinup friends cheering me on!

It was over so quickly and I didn’t get the chance to say a couple of things I had planned to!


I love this picture of Miss Connie Constance, her outfit had to many great little pops of colour to match her top.


This rockin’ babe though. She walked on with so much sass and threw her jacket off for the audience pose, it was fantastic.


It was at about this point I apparently (according to the picture) started praying to the pinup gods to lessen the heat, it was a scorcher of a day.



Miss Stellar Moon was another one who was owning it with an amazing black wiggle dress.



I didn’t manage to get pictures of all the contestants on stage but I’m sure with all the photos there will be many floating around.


Then we were all lined up after doing our bits, waiting to hear what was next.




By this point the heat was absolutely killing me, thank goodness for my hat and parasol ladies beside me. I also had super sore feet, it was only my 3rd time wearing these shoes and they were the highest with no platform I have.

After some deliberation we were all called back up on stage for the winners to be announced!


Dixie Deluxx won Miss Hot Rod and Custom 2016, a title reserved for ladies who were part of a car club.


And the winner of Miss Moonshine 2016 was Salacious Sugar, as if you couldn’t tell she was a winner by her amazing stage twirl. Look at how well those bangles match the outfit-swoon!

Anyway I had a great day and entering the competition really helped me with my confidence speaking in front of others. I’m confident in myself, but not in speaking, I think people assume I am because of my intense eyebrows haha (so I’ve been told). Everyone was wonderful and it was so fun getting to know everyone!


One thought on “Miss Moonshine/American Vehicle Day – The Competition

  1. Frances Gore February 10, 2016 / 5:35 AM

    Loved the outfit you made ! Very clever 🙂 congratulations on the public speaking ; im sure it will get easier with each time you jump in and do it. Xo mintage clothing nz

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