Ethical Clothing – Swonderful Rosa top Review

Hi all,

Welcome to my first Ethical Clothing post of the year! In my Goals for 2016 post I mentioned that I would be talking more about ethical clothing and making suggestions on where to purchase it. So here it is!


Today I will be reviewing the Rosa Scalloped Top in Black and Rosebuds by Swonderful Boutique, but first a little about the brand-

Swonderful Boutique are a small family owned brand which is run right here in Wellington, New Zealand. It was opened up by a mother & daughter team and they now outsource local workers to help keep up with the demand of their clothing. They opened up a small shop in 2007 to sell their clothing and in 2014 they decided to close their physical store and run the business solely online. All of their clothes are designed and made in Wellington and they even source their clothing for screen printing from AS Colour, another ethically produced brand. Also they are 100% vegan and use no animal products or fabrics in their clothing.

I remember always being interested in their store but it took me this long to get around to buying something! They had a 60% off sale at the start of the year and I decided to pick up the Rosa Scalloped Top in the Black with Rosebuds colourway. There was also a Ruby with Mini Bows version but it was sold out and I cannot resist black.



I like the nice simplistic packaging, I always love when my clothing arrives in black tissue paper. I ordered the top on the 5th of January and I got the shipping confirmation on the 8th, and it arrived on the same day! I do live in the same town, so expect a day or two if you live in NZ, and the usual time for international.


Because of the sale I only paid $40 and it’s regular price is $100. This is a very fair price for something which is ethically produced. I don’t have a huge amount of disposable income but I think it’s really important to invest in your clothing, and ethically made clothing always lasts so much longer than fast fashion.


This top seemed like a great option for summer for me. I am very much a winter girl so most of my clothes are woolen and long-sleeved. This top is made from a polished 100% cotton fabric, which makes it so light and breezy. It has a beautiful scalloped neckline on the front and back with small rose details on the front. This fabric does however crease very easily when worn, and it’s probably worth ironing before wearing. It creased all around my skirt waist while I was wearing it


The roses are pre-made and embroidered with three little flowers and some leaves. These were originally iron-on I believe but they have been sewn down to secure them.


I always tuck my shirts in but as you can see it has a great length for those of you who don’t. I think this shirt would look great over a pair of black or red capris and there would be no worry about the top riding up and showing your back.


The top does up with an invisible side zip. The neckline is wide enough that you don’t have to worry about messing up your hair when putting it on which is always a plus. It has a small open V on either side of the bottom hem which helps for ease of movement as it sits over the hips. The invisible zip gives the top a nice clean finish.


I bought this top in the size small which equates to a 34” bust and 28” waist and I figured because of the cut I could probably manage to get my 36” bust in there. When I received the top I was actually quite surprised to find it fit largely all over. The actual measurements of the garment are 38” bust and 32” waist, huge compared to the size chart! I’m not sure if this size was mislabeled but I presume not, so I recommend sizing down if it’s still available to purchase. I’ll probably alter it to fit me, but that is more of a challenge with the side zipper.

I can’t find any store on the Swonderful website at the moment but I know that Two Lippy Ladies stocks them so they might be worth checking out if you’re interested!

Thank you to the darling Miss Flossypots for the photos.

My skirt is by Pinup Girl Clothing.



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