Botanic Garden OOTD

This Saturday I had to pleasure of going to another Wellington Pinups event! There’s a Facebook group for all of us ladies interested in the vintage/pinup scene in the Wellington region and every so often we organise big events! We had planned on having a picnic in the stunning Botanic Garden but unfortunately the weather wasn’t amazing so we opted to go to the Picnic cafe also located in the Botanic Garden. I feel like I should note I had the delicious Chicken & Almond Croissant. The chicken was coated in a curry marinade and had spinach in it too which was nice. I also had the hot chips and I have to say they were some damn good chips.

Anyway now onto the outfit pictures! Also if some of them don’t look great I was sent them over Facebook, so I think it downsized them.


I made this plaid dress the week before. I picked up the fabric for $5 as it was an end of bolt remnant. It has a foldover bust detail which is replicated on the pocket! The bust wasn’t sitting quite right and I think that is because my bust measurement has increased so it’s very snug.


Look how goddamn white my skin is.


I’m excited to wear this dress in other seasons. I’ll be able to warm it up by wearing a blouse or thermal underneath.


I also wore this 1940’s inspired jacket, also made by me. It was actually quite a warm day despite the weather as we are in the middle of summer here.


I also wore my matching chevron hairbow by Made with Love NZ.


Here’s a group shot of us all! I stole the picture from Pixie Dust but I’m not sure who took it originally.


And thank you to my good friend Miss Flossypots for supplying me with all the photos! She’s done a wonderful write up of the day over on her blog here! As had Miss Connie Constance which is located here!


Final picture! This is my David Bowie tribute beauty mark! I was so saddened after hearing of his death.

Thanks for reading (despite there not being many words)!


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