Hell Bunny ‘Forever Dead’ Dress Review

Hi all,

Recently I saw on one of the vintage groups I follow that a clearance shop in my town had a whole bunch of Hell Bunny dresses on sale. I’ve never owned any Hell Bunny items before so I thought I should check it out. I was able to pick up the ‘Forever Dead’ dress for only $70 which is a great deal for here.

Also sorry for the pictures, they aren’t great as I had just got home from work and had to hurry as I had people coming over later.


This dress is made from a 98% cotton 2% elastane which will be really good for summer as we are just coming into it. The fabric is really lightweight which is a nice change as I own quite a lot of heavy and wool blend clothing. The front of the bodice is lined with a plain black of the same fabric, which is good as I feel like this fabric would be far too thin for a single layer in this style.


Here’s a slightly brighter picture to help show the design. This is a halterneck dress with a sweetheart neckline. The neck ties are made out of a contrast black fabric along with the fold-over bust detail and waist contrast. It also features self covered buttons which is a nice detail.


This is me admiring the print haha. I’ve admired it online for quite a while, but wasn’t sure how it would look in person. I am a huge horror fan so it only made sense that I should have some zombie pinups in my life, and of course surrounded by black. I also like that the print includes bows, stars and stitched together hearts which mixes it up.


As you can see part of the back has shirring in it which helps it to stretch, which is handy. I figured I would be a size small as I tend to float around that size, and I tried it on in the shop and it seemed alright. I find the bust fits mine pretty well, mine is around 36”. If I was going to wear this without a bra I might want it a little more snug. I wasn’t actually able to find any standard size chart for Hell Bunny dresses but this dress measured at a 30-31” waist, which seems rather large for a size small. I have a 28” waist and think I will definitely end up taking some of this dress in.


I was quite disappointed to find the straps were only just too short to do a Halterneck Conversion. I’m not a huge fan of halterneck dresses as I get a really sore neck and shoulders from them. Miss Victory Violet’s tutorial rocks and I thought the straps would be long enough, but alas. They reach each other at the front though so I think I may put in a button and buttonhole.


This dress will be super handy for summer and I love the print, but I’m not sure if I would buy another dress from them. Maybe if I got something in an XS and from overseas I would give it a go (this dress was originally $140NZD which is more than I price my custom dresses at). Perhaps it is just a brand that doesn’t work with my bodyshape, which is understandable as not everything will.

If you’re in Wellington I suggest checking out the Cosmic Clearance store on Cuba St for something well priced.

Thanks for reading!


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