Smashbox On the Rocks – Photo Op Eyeshadow Palette Review

Today I’m doing a makeup review! Something I’ve not actually done before.

I realised a few weeks ago that I was severely lacking in coloured eyeshadows. While 20 shades of white through black (read: grey) might be enough most of the time I really wanted some colour. I have a few coloured individual eyeshadows and a big too-many-colours palette I got from eBay last year but I was wanting quality. Anyway this Smashbox On the Rocks palette popped up on a sale site a few weeks ago and I decided I would give it a go!

There is also a bigger version of this palette but I went for the smaller 12 shade one. I paid $50 NZD for it and it was on sale from $90 I think.

1 box

The packaging for this is lovely, the silver bits reflect super rainbow-y in the light which is amazing to look at. This effect means you probably won’t want to throw away the box ever.

2 container

You take the palette out of the box to reveal… more rainbow goodness!

3 rainbowtastic

My camera didn’t capture it amazingly as it was a little cloudy, but you can see some of the colours.

5 first open

It’s super handy having this clear plastic cover over the eyeshadows with the names on them. It makes it really easy to memorise the colours so you can refer back to them for certain looks. I’ve been using the palette almost every day since I got it and it’s not annoying at all to just flip the plastic up when you open it and let it fall when you close it. Also it keeps your eyeshadows nice and clean if it gets jiggled around.

6 shadows

Look at iiit. The colours are beautiful! Also the mirror on this is huge and would be perfect for travelling with.

7 swatches

Here are my swatches! I used two swipes with my finger for each swatch except for Nutmeg which only needs one because that colour payoff is insane.

I’m not going to talk about the colours too much in this, but if you are interested in more detail then check out Jaywalking Birdwalking Jabberwocky’s Swatch and Review post which was actually what sold me on buying this. Also you can see the rainbowtasticness in all it’s glory there.

My favourite colours are:

Nutmeg – the colour is incredible and is so rich and vibrant.

Chianti – I am surprised I like this as much as I do, it’s quite a burgundy with a touch of purple.

Mist – this is like a soft shimmery pinky-lilac and I love the colour.

4 papers

It also comes with this little book with names and looks to try out. I haven’t tried any of these yet, but some of the looks I’ll be featuring are pretty similar.

My first look is a purple based one. I used Chianti all over the lid, then I used Coronation in the outer corner of my eye and the crease and blended it out fairly far. I also used Bourbon under my eye and I think it fits in well and is a nice change from black. I used Mist as an eyebrow highlight but I didn’t have a good base down and it pretty much disappeared. There is quite large glitter in this and if you don’t have a really good sticky base then it will fall off almost immediately.

9 purp 28 purp 1

I liked this look a lot and I’ll definitely repeat it. It feels quite vampy which is awesome, and I feel this would work really well if you wanted to be a vampire for Halloween (or in day-to-day life).

10 purp 3

For this look I used Midnight Emerald aver the eyelid and blended it up. Next I used Obsidian in the crease and blended it (this colour is very grey and actual obsidian is like the blackest black, so I’m not a fan of this name). I know I used Blacktop under the eye, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t use it in the crease, but I might be mistaken. Midnight Emerald definitely has black somewhere in it so it goes well with darker colours, also it’s gorgeously metallic.

11 green 1

12 green 2

I will probably wear this look 90% of the time I wear my Emerald Dita Von Teese cardigan. The green really pops, and although I haven’t worn Sapphires yet, I really think it would work in the same way.

13 green 3

Excuse the colour of these next ones, I don’t remember what the weather was doing this day. Also I am aware my concealer is too dark, whenever I go to buy my usual one it’s sold out which is so sad.

First off I started with Confectionette all over the lid (cutest name ever), then I used Nutmeg in the crease and blended it out. I felt like this didn’t add enough depth so I put a little of Bourbon in the crease and blended it in.

14 gold 1

(I don’t have a full face photo of this sadly and excuse the little bare patch on my eyebrow, I was in a rush this morning)15 gold 2

These next photos are from my phone so excuse me if they aren’t as good quality.

For this look I think I only used Chianti, packing it on the eyelid and blending it out and underneath. This didn’t match my cardigan as much as I’d hoped, and there is a little creasing visible. But nevertheless I liked the look. I think it would look great without eyeliner and with falsies but I can’t bring myself to go without my wings.


I got to use Mist! I had a sticky white base down on my lid and patted it on well. This colour is gorgeous and a nice alternative to grey or silver. I used Obsidian in the crease and blended it, I added more depth by putting Blacktop in the outer corner of my crease (can you tell all my looks have totally different styles?). I used a Maybelline eyeshadow for the inner corner of my eye as I need super bright whites to show up as highlights on my skintone.20151017_12263520151017_122630

I looove this palette and I use it almost daily – Bourbon makes a great dark crease shade and I wear that on my more ‘natural’ days as shown below.

I really recommend this palette, it really lends itself to bold looks. The colours are great and all are pretty soft and have a solid colour payoff when applied. It’s still available despite being a 2014 Holiday release. I wasn’t huge on all the colours but now I adore all of them but Opal and Vanilla. These are both just too dark to highlight on my complexion and not dark enough to give any shadow, but this is not a problem many would face (haha).



8 thoughts on “Smashbox On the Rocks – Photo Op Eyeshadow Palette Review

  1. getmakeupforfree October 19, 2015 / 5:20 AM

    Wow! Love the green look the best. Gorgeous!

  2. Victoria October 21, 2015 / 9:09 PM

    Oh wow, I might actually go buy this! I’ve been on the look out for some nice dark purple eyeshadow and I absolutely love the first look you did. Perfect for Halloween and everyday!

  3. Darren Beeton November 20, 2015 / 3:54 AM

    Hello You have a lovely face thinner eye brows would suit you better & blend with your frames of your glassers

    • Xamia Arc November 20, 2015 / 11:32 PM

      Hi there, I actually draw my eyebrows on everyday so they are whatever size I want them to be. My eyebrows are a feature and I wouldn’t want them to blend with my glasses.

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