Surprise Panty by Paranoire Review

I have been a longtime follower of Paranoire, I love their mix of soft and edgy designs. I think it was in 2014 when they posted a listing for Surprise Panties and it seemed so exciting!

I love the idea of these because not only do you get a surprise in the mail, but it gives the designer freedom to make whatever they feel like. Also they support Paranoire in a really great way, here’s a quote from the listing:

“I’m still recovering from a rather turbulent health adventure earlier this year and would love to give you a chance to continue to support me on this particular journey by purchasing a surprise panty. They’re fun to make for me (and sometimes, fun is really what you need to get better), and offer a great value (and the joy of surprise!) for you :)”

I ordered my first pair of Paranoire Surprise Panties in March, but I was so excited when I received them I completely forgot about taking pictures for a blog post. I ordered my second pair on September 1st and they arrived on October 2nd. I think this is pretty reasonable for a pair of handmade underwear coming from the other side of the world!


They arrived in a thin package sealed in a snap-lock bag, which is so great as it insures no moisture can get in.


The plain black tissue paper is so exciting, what’s inside? We don’t know yet! Also I adore their logo.


Ta daa! The mailman actually woke me up with these so I opened them in bed (it’s my pajama clad knee in the corner of the photos). I received the Lizzie panties which are actually listed in their Etsy shop. You can never have enough black lacy underwear so I was really happy to get these ones!

The bows are hand tied and I applaud Paranoire for being able to do this, and make them look better than mass manufactured ones. My first pair of underwear also had a bow and it’s such a nice little detail.


And a back view! These are only made up of 2 pattern pieces and the gusset which I think is pretty interesting.


I really like their labels, I’m not quite sure why. They just seem so rustic and handmade, but they do definitely stand up in a machine wash. Also it’s nice to have the size on them so you can remember what to order next time.

I buy mine in the size 102cm/40.25in, even though my hips are roughly 42 inches. I guess I should be buying the size 106cm/41.75in but my hip size fluctuates a bit and I prefer my underwear to be nicely form fitting. Also the sizes are so close together (allowing for perfect fit) that these work great on me.


Here’s a close up of the lace, it’s really interesting as it has so many shapes and patterns in it.


Sorry my picture is a little out of focus! They fit me really well but an extra size up would have worked too. They are also super comfy, because they have no elastic in them there’s nothing to cut in anywhere. And as an extra bonus if you spend a lot of time sitting and then take them off you get a super cute pattern on your butt.

I highly recommend these for so many reasons as I’ve highlighted in the above post. Like knowing you’re going to receive fabulously constructed and fitting underwear but don’t know what they will look like, what a terrifyingly exciting thing! There are also 3 options for purchase: Feminine, Feminine – Minimal Fabric OK and Masculine. “The options only reflect “typical” views of what one might see as feminine or masculine style and cut in underwear (mostly, it’s about shapes of genitals and waist-hip-ratios).” It is so refreshing to have this in lingerie in a world where we don’t have to be defined by gender roles.

Anyway if these interest you check out the Etsy listing for the Surprise Panties! They also have free worldwide shipping! I fear I might become heavily addicted to purchasing these…


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