Xamia Arc Clothing – A Virtual Tour!

Hi all,

So as those of you who follow me on other social media probably know, I have recently opened my own shop! So I thought I’d do a post giving you all a little guided tour around it, and what kind of services I offer.

Me the day I signed my lease!

First off here is the entrance to my shop! I’m working on getting proper open/closed signs and hours signs. For now I just have little paper signs. I also have a price list of alterations on the side of the door so that people can have a look as they walk past.

I also have two mannequins in the windows, I change them every so often. These are both a set size, but I do have an adjustable one in the shop which I use for draping as well as displaying larger garments. The shop is always warm as it gets the morning and afternoon sun <3.

IMG_2960 cropped

At the moment I just have cheap window stickers, but I might look at investing in some better ones in the future.

IMG_2964 smol

Here’s a little shot I ended up taking accidentally, but I liked how it turned out.


On one side of my shop I have a rack of ready-made clothing. At the moment these are all one off garments, and I can make similar pieces. These are also mostly older clothing which I have made over the past 3 years, so the quality varies. When my collection is eventually released I will have a rack of clothing from it, with a variety of sizes.

I have my garments all labeled with NZ sizing, but most of them are made with different proportions for different body types. If you are a measurements kind of person I have the details in my computer, and can always measure the garment flat for you. My back room can also be used to change in to try things on. And in the background you can see my shelves…


On my top shelf I have a variety of books with vintage clothing in them. Some are illustrations, some are photos and some are advertisements, a little bit of everything! I also have back issues of the Glory Days Magazine which can be browsed. I’ll be adding to these as I can.

On the rest of the shelves I have fabric! These fabrics are not for sale, but rather are available to be chosen for me to make into clothes! They each have a little tag on them detailing the size of the piece (mostly helpful to me) as well as suggestions of what they can be made into. I have quite a variety, plain cottons, stretch sateens, lingerie lace and some gorgeous chiffons. I am also always adding to this collection, these fabrics are all ones I have kindly donated from my personal collection (it was tough). I also keep my bigger bolts of fabric in my back room.

I am always available to talk about making clothing. I have a special visitor’s chair and sketching materials so I am ready to start designing straight away!


Another picture showing some of my fabrics, as well as this wool skirt. I adore the circle patch pocket and it’s big enough to fit your phone as well as multiple lipsticks and a mirror with room!


I have a gorgeous long mirror in my shop too. I knew this was the perfect mirror as soon as I saw it. It’s full length and it’s amazing how much you can see in it. I currently use it to take all my Instagram OOTD photos, so you can see how good it is.


And the visitor’s chair A.K.A my dream chair which I probably would have bought whether I was going to get the shop or not. It’s extremely comfortable and perfect for browsing for inspiration. People are welcome to come into my shop just for a chat and to browse books, and if a piece of clothing tickles your fancy we can get to work right away!


Here’s a drawing of a ball dress I was designing based off some of the pictures in this book. I’m always ready to rustle up some sketches while we talk if you have something in mind. And there is also no obligation to purchase anything, it’s fun just to bounce ideas around and do some drawings.


So there’s my shop! I also have a back room which is my workshop and I might make a post about that at when I’ve sorted it out too.

I’m located at 24E Elizabeth Street, Mount Victoria in Wellington. Come round if you ever have the chance! I also do repairs and alterations, often same-day. Thanks for reading!


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