What Katie Did Cathedral Bras – Review

When the What Katie Did Summer Sale came round I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to purchase something. I’d tried them twice before, the first was a regular bra when I was 2 sizes smaller which I was pretty happy with, and the second was when I purchased a Marlene Bullet Bra. The latter really didn’t work for me, which was unfortunate as I really wanted that vintage bullet bra look. Anyway I decided to take a leap of faith and order the Valerie Cathedral Bra with matching briefs. Three days after that arrived I ordered the Eartha Bra, which is also in that Cathedral shape.

In case it was hard to tell I had fell madly in love with these bras and in particular their shape. They provide a great pointed shape as well as really good lift, they also separate the breasts for a very traditional look. I have taken comparison pictures which shows the bra fronts, 3/4 veiw, backs and cup detail shots.

Both bras are the same style, but they are made of different fabrics. The Valerie bra is made with a red non-stretch sheer nylon on the cup detail, and the rest of the cup and bra wings are made of a black stretch satin. The Eartha bra is made of a leopard print non-stretch nylon(which is stiffer than the Valerie), black non-stretch satin for the undercup, and powermesh wings. I did find that the Valerie bra is slightly softer and has a little more stretch, but both bras are very comfortable and I am more than happy to wear them all day.

The cups are made up of 2 parts, a top and a bottom, which are the backbone for creating that pointed shape. On either side there is a vertical strip of boning which combined with the elastic strap ‘V’ helps to lift and aid the shape. The bottom of the cups also have circle stitching on them which not only looks good, but assists the shape, and stops the cups from stretching out of shape. The straps are quite wide, very adjustable and really comfortable.

red detail2

There is also definitely a technique to putting these bras on, and I’ve taken photos to show the best way I’ve found to putting them on.

First I make sure the bra band is sitting well under my bust and the cups are in the right place.


Next I lean forward and fasten up the back, which is what What Katie Did recommends.


At this point my breasts really don’t fill the cups, as you can see there is a whole lot of space at the top.


Next I grab my breast and pull up to the top of the cup while making sure the strap is tight.


Next I finish off by wiggling the sides to get everything into position, and then I’m good to go!


Now I thought I’d finish off by by showing how they look under clothing. I’ve seen a few people talk about how they were nervous the first time they wore a bullet shaped bra and I definitely agree it was a very different experience. But I can safely say I adore these bras, I wear them with (or without) anything. Also I find myself wearing these a lot more than my regular ones now.

As you can see it doesn’t work with super low cut tops because of how high up the cups come. But I think it would look very cool with an off the shoulder top.

low cut

And here’s how the shape looks under a vintage reproduction cotton dress. I love how this makes the outfit look more authentic, and it definitely makes true vintage clothes fit a lot better too. Also under a regular stretchy t-shirt, I really like this, and I think it helps with keeping the vintage style of how I dress more apparent.

I bought both of my bras from the What Katie Did Summer Sale, unfortunately this is over now and both styles have been removed from the website. The Coco Cathedral Bra is still available for £43.50 from their site, and you can still buy others from various sites around the internet. You can bet I am going to buy the Cathedral bra in every past and future colourway! I can’t recommend these bras enough, they are comfortable and look great under vintage clothing – everything you could possibly want.


4 thoughts on “What Katie Did Cathedral Bras – Review

  1. Emily DeeAnne Andrew May 19, 2017 / 11:32 PM

    What size bra do you wear if you don’t mind me asking. I am looking at this bra to purchase and I am not sure how it will fit. I have had 4 kids and breastfed them all so my breasts went from a full 32dd to a quite floppy 34C. I have a hard time with bras because I have the skin for the cup just not the meaty part of the breast anymore. I am trying to find something that I will fill up without squishing out the top. In most cups I either sag to the bottom or squish out the top.

    • Xamia Arc May 28, 2017 / 4:33 AM

      I bought these bras in a 32D and they fit pretty true to size. Because of the shape they fit well to a variety of breast shapes, for this style it is preferable to have softer breasts so they can be easily manipulated into the shape without the need for bullet bra pads. But if you are in doubt What Katie Did sell those as well!

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