Pinup Girl Clothing – Juvenile Delinquent Dress

Finally I’ve gotten around to doing a new blog post. Sorry I’ve been late posting recently, but I am opening a shop which is the biggest workload I’ve faced in my life (exams have nothing on hauling furniture up and down hills on my own).

Today I will be talking about the Deadly Dames Juvenile Delinquent Dress which is a Pinup Girl Clothing brand. I believe this is a re-release of an older style, and had been eyeing it up since the promotional pictures starting floating around. Then I saw it in my local store Frock n Soul (previously Vintage Heaven) and of course I tried it on and instantly fell in love. I didn’t have the funds but a few weeks later I saw they were having a sale so hell yes it was mine!


I’ll start off with the size and fit since I think this is a hugely important selling point for this dress. I bought this in a size small which according to PUG fits a 34-37 inch bust, 26-28 inch waist and 36-38.5 inch hips. However, this does fit my measurements of 35-27-42 so there is plenty of room and as you can see in the photo above I still have quite a few notches in my belt I could let out. The only couple of issues I had with my hips being larger than the suggested measurement is that the skirt can ride up (which would probably be fixed with a silky slip) and the back slit is pretty much constantly open (but again, an easy fix with a small insert if it bothers you (sewing it up would work fine too because the fabric has so much stretch)). I do find it enormously comfortable which can only be a blessing with a wiggle dress, I do not feel that it is too tight on my hips at all.


I adore the design of this dress, it’s definitely a pinup-y enough style but also has a slightly edgy look. This was featured in PUG’s Dames Who Ride Lookbook and I 100% think that as soon as you put this dress on you channel immense badassery. I find the stretch also allows you to feel very comfortable and confident, which means it is a great entry level pinup dress. The neckline detail and sleeves are finished with an overlocked rolled hem which is nice and neat and the actual neckline is finished with bias binding. I really like the contrast and the way it makes everything sit, with the neckline being flat and the full bouncing details. I am super glad that it came with the wide patent belt as well so I can use it for other outfits too.


The ruffled bustline is a really great detail which helps to draw attention to the top half. And it does have a fairly high neckline which is great for those who don’t want to show off too much cleavage, but it is still low enough to be interesting. I’m not a huge fan of the bow, but I think it wouldn’t be as interesting if I removed it, and a big satin one would definitely change the look. I also expected the sleeves to be ruffley, but how they are is nice and allows the neckline to take centre stage.

It can be a bit of a struggle to get on as it doesn’t have a back zipper. I definitely suggest not doing your hair until after. I managed to put it on over my makeup and lipstick, but am used to such maneuvers. I have seen that a few people have issues, especially if you have wider shoulders, so either put your makeup on after the dress, or practice putting it on and taking it off without letting it touch your face.


I just thought I’d share a little bit about my foundations. I always wear shapewear under a wiggle skirt (unless it’s late at night and I whip it all off so I can slob out) and this is my current winning combo for this dress. I am wearing my Evollove Night Sky Contour Bra which I have previously reviewed on this blog and my Rago Firm High Waist Leg Shaper in Black which I bought from PUG (I’m not sure what style number this is). I actually hated this piece of shapewear until a few weeks ago when I decided to remove the side boning and channels, since then it has been a dream. I kept having the problem of bra and girdle boning colliding which sent either one of them directly into my side. I bought the size 28 which was a bit of a gamble but I do manage to wriggle it on and off when I need the bathroom, taking the side boning off made it a lot more comfortable.


I do adore this dress, it’s comfy and stylish and I think that is something everyone needs in their wardrobe. It’s super easy to throw on for a lazy comfy day, or to dress up in perhaps with some red heels and hair flower. Pinup Girl Clothing only has it in plus sizes at the moment and I’m not sure if/when they’ll be restocking. There are also a couple left at Frock n Soul if you’re local, but I don’t think they’d be too hard to find around the place.

Thanks for reading! I’ll try to have another post out in the next 2 weeks.


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