Woolovers Fair Isle Sweater Review

So as some of you may know I am obsessed with snowflake knit sweaters. I adore Fair Isle and Scandinavian knit patterns and if it was up to me I would have an entire wardrobe of sweaters. I was planning a pinup photoshoot and I really wanted a snowflake sweater/jumper to wear as I wanted it to be winter themed. I spent hours trawling through Etsy, Ebay and various Asian websites and found very few which really fitted my vision.

Finally I stumbled across Woolovers’ Unisex Fair Isle Polo Neck Jumper. It was everything I wanted! It’s available in 3 colourways – Cream/Navy, Navy/Cream and Wine/Cream and has sizes XS through XL.

First I’ll show you the photoshoot results then I’ll get down to the review.Thanks to Aidan Martin for being the photographer and I was super happy with them.


I ordered the Navy/Cream colourway and in a size XS. The sizing is a bit odd and that is because it is a Unisex item, luckily it has sizing details under it’s description tab. My XS turned out to be pretty big, as they mentioned, my 36” ish bust had a good 5”-6” of spare room. It’s also a straight cut so it isn’t fitted at the waist. I took mine in from the elbow down to the bottom hem and made it shaped so it was fitted. I really like the sleeve length as they are slightly longer and come down partway over the hands. It’s also really long which is nice and keeps my lower half warm whatever I wear it with.


It’s made of 100% Lambswool which is fantastic for winter. It’s knitted using the Fair Isle technique which means it’s really chunky and thick with many layers of yarn. It also has a Polo neckline which helps to keep the chest and neck warm.


At first I was a little confused as they have separate websites for separate countries, they are all pretty much the same except for the currency. But it seems to be a UK based site and it seems all the garments are shipped from there. It cost me $70NZD for the sweater and $10NZD for the shipping. I thought the shipping was a little expensive for just one sweater but it is flat rate standard shipping with free shipping on purchases over $175NZD. It ended up arriving less than a week from when I purchased it so I was really happy with how the shipping turned out.

I actually love this sweater so much I have been wearing it far too often and really need to purchase the other colours. I found it a little scratchy at first, but I hadn’t washed it so I just wore a top underneath which was fine as it’s been pretty cold. I can definitely tell it’s softening up though. Anyway here are some styling options:


Here I am wearing it with my Lady K Loves Hug Me Baby jeans in Black. I really like this look for when I have a busy day and know it’s going to be cold. It’s a super comfortable combo and one that is really good for being on the go outside.

Here I paired the sweater with my Pinup Girl Clothing Sailor Swing Dress. I used Miss Victory Violet’s Converting a Dress to a Skirt post as another way to wear this dress. I didn’t even think of this until I started planning this post but I definitely need to wear it out like this sometime.


And finally a 60’s inspired look with a short skirt and white stockings, unfortunately I’m so pale my white stockings make me disappear haha. On warmer winter days I really like wearing short skirts with stockings, even though it’s not a very vintagey style.

The price for the sweater is $78NZD at the moment and I got it for $70. They often have discounts and deals so I suggest signing up to their emails if you’re thinking about purchasing something. Woolovers also have a bunch of cardigans in a while bunch of different fabric blends and I am tempted to try out those too sometime.

Hope you all enjoyed!

I will leave you all with one last styling suggestion – the sweater by itself, in front of the fire, in the evening.



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