OOTD Winter Has Arrived

Finally I thought it was about time for another OOTD. It’s been very cold recently so I’ve just kind of been slouching around and I haven’t been able to find any nice warm stockings.

OOTD sweater

This is my Shredders Apparel Black Metal Snowman Cardigan. Ever since I saw this sweater in the back of a Metal Hammer magazine a couple of Christmases ago I knew I had to have it. I love, and listen to, a lot of Metal music so when I found this, dreams come true.

It’s a little pricey at $80USD not including shipping and it is made of 100% acrylic which is a little disappointing, but this is a fantastic sweater. It’s not printed like most of the ‘winter sweaters’, all of the yarns are woven together which makes it super thick and warm. This is definitely my go-to comfort piece for when I just need to be snug.

OOTD Back (2)

Also woohoo patterned back! I hate it when you find a cool sweater or cardigan and the back turns out to be plain. I’m thinking of getting another one for this Winter but I’m not sure which one I want yet!

OOTD front

Sorry for these out of focus pictures, sometimes photographing on your own is hard. I made the top myself a couple of years ago, but I really wanted to show off these jeans! Miss Victory Violet recently did a wonderful review on them and I highly recommend reading that. But I just thought I would talk about my experiences with them. These are the Hug Me Baby jeans by Lady K Loves and I bought them in Black and a 32” leg length.

I love to have a pair of black jeans on hand for when I just feel like wearing one of my band t-shirts or a big sweater. A few months ago I tried to put on my regular jeans and realised I was having some trouble doing them up (kind of embarrassing to admit). My hips had expanded a little more and I decided to try and hunt down some actual high-waisted jeans. I hate the chain stores version of high waisted which sits somewhere between the upper hips and belly button. I had heard murmurings about Lady K Loves and I saw that Miss Victory Violet was thinking of buying a pair so I decided to join in on the fun.

OOTD back

I bought a size Medium and I have a 27” ish waist and 42” hips. To be honest there is so much stretch in these I think I could afford to size down, and I think if and when I buy them in blue I will. They are seriously the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn. I have a small apartment so when I sew I’m usually curled up on the ground when I’m cutting fabric or making patterns. I used to not be able to wear jeans because the creases in the back of my legs would hurt so bad but I don’t have this problem with these. I do like having the extra room for being able to move around and squash up when I’m cold, so I am glad I didn’t size down for the black ones. I wish they had an extra inch or so of rise in the front though because it dips down a little for me. But due to the shape of my body I have never found a perfect rise, but these are the closest and it is barely an issue.

OOTD closer

I’m also wearing my new Heidi & Gretel Cherry Pie brooch. I bought two and I am so in love with them. I bought mine from Vintage Pip, but if you check out the Heidi and Gretel Facebook page, they have 50% off for this week only on their Etsy store.

Hopefully as I get better prepared for winter I will have better outfits to show off. I’ve also been working a lot recently so I haven’t been getting dressed up and my hair seems to be getting too long for my regular wetsets to work. So there are a lot of things working against me at the moment haha.


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