More Vintage Clothing in Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

So I have previously done a post where I remade vintage clothing in the Nintendo DS game Animal Crossing: New Leaf and I recently found myself making some more so I thought I would share them on here.

I conveniently ended up with one suitable for each season, so I’ll start off with Spring!

I’m glad I get to start with something which is still available to buy! This super sweet 1940’s Striped Sailor Sweater! I’ve been tempted to buy this for a while but I don’t think the colours of the striped would suit me, I am much more into darker and cooler colours.


(There wasn’t enough room to fit the last e in sweater)

Something which has already sold on Etsy for my Summer look (would also look very cute in Spring), this adorable 1950’s Floral Skirt and Top set. I would love to see something like this made by a reproduction company now, if only I had an embroidery machine…


Now we move onto Autumn with this 1950’s Wool Dress. Originally this was a pencil dress but I had to make it into a swing dress because it’s the only dress style Animal Crossing can manage. I adore this dress so much, the faux scarf is such a cute detail.


And finally Winter, my favourite season! This is a Navy and Red child’s coat which I made into an adult size and had to remove some of the detailing of to make it look right in-game. Unfortunately it’s not the same, but still nice. I find a lot of really adorable coats for children and wish they made similar styles for adults these days.


I love browsing Etsy for vintage clothing, and you can find some amazing unique pieces. Enjoy~


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