OOTD Hanging Around Home

Hi all,

Finally another outfit of the day post! I really should do more of these but I feel a bit weird if I’m just wearing things I’ve made. I’m just hanging around home today as I felt really sick yesterday and thought I would show off my lazy outfit. My hair is clipped up because I showered earlier but I’ll set it in rollers tonight.


I don’t usually buy fast fashion but about once or twice a year I need to make an exception for some essentials. Last year I picked up this Paper Scissors crop top which is nice and comfy for colder weather. I also usually hate crushed velvet so this top is a weird huge exception. These pants are the Stop Staring Edie Pants which are a really good fit for my waist and hips. I’d prefer a slightly bigger rise, but they are still pretty good. There are still a couple smaller pairs available online.

side back

These are also my new winter socks! They are Simon deWinter Sofa Socks in a black Nordic print. They have 2 layers, one of them being an insanely soft inner and have little grippy nubbies on the bottom. I love Nordic and Snowflake knit things and am planning to find and hoard many this winter.


I’m wearing the Australis VelourLips in NY-CEE which I’ll be reviewing in the next Red My Lips post.


I like the look of the shirt texture and the little V cut out on the pants is adorable.

There’s my comfy lazy home outfit for today, and tomorrow the 3rd Red My Lips post will be out.


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