My Half-Vintage Woman Suit

Okay so I have to confess I have an obsession with what I call Lady, or Woman-Suits. I of course love suits which are made for the male body but I feel like a suit made for a feminine figure is so much more. Of course the prime time for lady suits, I feel, was the 1940’s and 1990’s. The 1950’s and 1980’s also had nice suits, but the structure and line of those from the other decades was just so much stronger.

Now for your viewing pleasure here are some pictures of lady suits. The photos all have links which open in new tabs if you feel a mighty need.

Vintage 1940s Women’s Suit/Skirt/Jacket
Vintage 1940s Grey Wool Suit
Vintage Women’s 1940s WWII Black White Tweed Suit
Thierry Mugler 1990s Gray Wool Pinstripe Suit
1980s 1990s Electric Blue Lillie Ruben Wool Suit
Vintage 1990s Pink and White Plaid Suit

(This post wouldn’t have taken half as long if I didn’t get distracted looking at suits)

So back to the main story, in the very early stages of last year, a photo of this jacket popped up on the fabulous Agent Bluebelle’s Wardrobe whom I highly recommend, and I knew I had to have it. This is an original 1940’s Black New Look stlye jacket and I still just cannot get over how much I love it.

Unfortunately it only came with the jacket, but that actually isn’t a huge hassle for me as my hip to waist ratio means finding a full vintage suit in my size is a hard if not impossible task. So after over a year I made myself a matching skirt *fanfare*.

When I tried the jacket on the first few times I felt a bit awkward, but after trying this on with the skirt and photographing it, it is one of the outfits I feel my best in. I have to say that now I definitely understand the meaning of the power suit. When I wear this I feel so empowered, like I need to stand up in a court room and tell a judge what’s what, or I need to be leading a business meeting – head of the table, scowling at my subservient workers.

S jacket

Now here are some more photos of me showing it off.

S front

S backS match detail

I stitched lines around the pocket opening as detail to make it match the jacket a little better stylistically. Although they don’t have the padding that the jacket stitching does(this gives it an amazing shape) I still think it works, and most of the time it will be hidden under the jacket anyway.

S open skirt S collar

Sorry for the few marks, my flat is very dusty and it just sort of coats everything.

Here are some photos on the inside and of the labels. The satin lining is exquisite and glides so well over clothing. I couldn’t find any information online about who made it or any other details, which is a shame.

A comparison picture showing the jacket detail stitching and that of the pocket on my skirt.

S yay

This is my dorky how much do I love this jacket photo, and alas the final one.

My lipstick is the Shiseido Lacquer Rouge in the shade Nocturne. This is my favourite going out lipstick, and another I highly recommend. The colour is amazing, it lasts for so long compared to any other gloss and it’s a perfect dark and sultry shade.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I just wanted to share my love of lady suits, and show off my newly completed one. Since I haven’t been feeling great in recent times due to health issues it’s great to have something which makes me feel so great! I will definitely be investing in one or two more over the colder months.

That’s all for now!


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