Ren Skincare – Exfoliating Cleanser & Clarifying Clay Cleanser

After I first tried REN skincare I became totally obsessed with it. I’ve already reviewed their Cleansing Water and Moisturising Day Cream and have now incorporated all of these products into my skincare routine. Also as an update I still haven’t run out of the Day Cream and I think I’ll get 4 months of use out of it, which is great value for such a high quality product.


First off I will be talking about the Rosa Centifolia Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser. When I first started using it I was using it twice a day, but after a second purchase I’ve started only using it at nights so that it isn’t used up too quickly. I do share my products, but I would say for one person using it once or twice a day it would probably last 2-3 months.


I love using this after removing my makeup as it really freshens my skin and removes any makeup residue leftover. The Jojoba microbeads in it feel amazing, the exfoliating aspect is great and makes my skin feel so much softer. I have dry skin and this product is recommended for all skin types, I haven’t noticed any dry patches on my skin like I have with other exfoliators.


It has quite a mild scent which is nice, it has peppermint oil in it which is the main part of it’s smell, and I really like it.

It costs $34 NZD and I used up my first bottle quite quickly. But after changing my usage it’s been lasting longer, and it’s definitely worth it.


And now the ClearCalm3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser! I use this product about every 3 days in place of the Exfoliating Cleanser. I can’t place the smell but I really like it, again, a more mild scent.

I love my skin after using this, it cleanses it really well and noticeably brightens my skin. This is probably my favourite of all the REN products I use. It’s made for blemish prone skin and although I don’t get a lot of acne I find it really helps any breakouts I get, also after incorporating this into my routine I find I get fewer breakouts. It also makes my skin really soft and smooth which I love, and I can tell it’s improved my skin overall.

I share these products with someone with combination skin and their skin has improved a lot after using both products, in particular with less redness and acne.

I can’t remember how much the Clay Cleanser cost, and it isn’t available on the Mecca online store, but I think it was around $48 NZD. As I don’t use it daily it’s going to last me ages and again, definitely worth the investment.

They usually have testers avaliable, so it’s good to try it on your hand to see how it works and reacts with your skin, that’s how I decided on which products I wanted to try. I’ve also received sample sizes of products at counters, so I would suggest asking about that too if you are interested. Also on the REN skincare website they have travel bags with travel sizes of 8 products from their entire range.


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