Dita Von Teese Savoir Faire Fitted Chemise Alteration – Bra & Girdle – Part 2 Girdle

Hi everyone. This is part 2 of my fitted chemise alteration, where I am taking the Savoir Faire Fitted Chemise by the Dita Von Teese Von Follies range and making it into separate bra and girdle. In the first part I covered how to split the garment and how to construct the bra half, in this I will be showing how to finish the now raw edge of the girdle and how to attach new garter clips.

10 Split

Since the bra was finished I was left with the raw edge along the top of the girdle piece. I cut the length of the elastic the same as the bra which was 24¼” so again:

24.25 x 80%(0.8) = 19.4” which I rounded to 20” which is around 82%

1 Pin Elastic

I pinned the elastic leaving a small overhang to trim off later. Fold over elastic can be sewn in a one or two step method and I chose to do the one step. I pinned it down already folded over.

2 Pinned

Alike the bra I pinned it at both ends and then middle, then stretched it and pinned it in the middle of those pins.

I used a 3 step zigzag and made sure to stretch it out while sewing. I found it also very handy to hold down the elastic near the seams so that it would catch the fabric and not slip off.

After the elastic was sewn on I trimmed off the excess and used a narrow zigzag to finish the edge.

Because of the space between the hook and eyes I ended up with a little gap. I sewed this up just using a small length of straight stitching. I don’t mind stitching it closed because I won’t be using the hook and eye closure anyway. I’d even be tempted to sew it completely closed but I might do that at a later point, it’s stretchy enough for me to get into without opening.

8 Clip comparason

I decided to change the garter clips as well. The Dita Von Teese ones already there were fairly good, they were made of coated metal but the round part was quite a soft rubber. I’ve kept them incase I want to use them in a later project, but also I wanted 6 clips instead of 4.

9 Findings

I’m using a wide satin finish elastic and I will attach them in the same V shape as the original ones. I liked the length they finished at when I tried the girdle on, and should really have taken a photo of it. They had a 4.5” total length so I cut 6 strips of elastic the same size.

12 Markings

The original garter pieces were detachable so I had to remove them first. I also marked with chalk where they were attached so I had a guide for later.

They were sewn down with two rows of zigzag stitching which I then unpicked. I also chalk marked in the middle of the other chalk lines which happened to be on a seam, so I knew where to place my garter straps.

15 Pinned garter

Pinning them down is a good idea, but unfortunately with the elastic I used they were too thick, so I just ended up pinning two.

16 Stitched

17 Stitched outer

I sewed them down with 2 rows of narrow zigzag stitching. I could have just used one, but the two made them lie flatter. After they were sewn I trimmed off the excess elastic and they were all done!

18 Sewn

21 Finished!

Now finished! Thanks for reading, I hope it was helpful or at least interesting. I had a lot of fun doing it and I’m really happy with the outcome!


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