Valentine’s Day Outfit + Details (Salmon is for Desire)

This year my significant other and I decided to have Valentine’s Day on Friday the 13th, rather than the 14th. This was because a) I didn’t want to pay for Valentine’s Day flower delivery costs, b) wanted to actually find a place to have dinner and c) we didn’t want to be swarmed by lovey dovey couples everywhere. Also Friday the 13th is a wildly appropriate day to do these kinds of shenanigans.

I thought I would share my outfit and makeup details for the day since I really liked both. My hair was very plain today as it was a typical windy Wellington day and I could not be bothered with that mess.

First up is the outfit, which is all Pinup Girl Clothing. I bought both pieces in the Black Friday sale last year, and this is the first time I’ve actually gotten around to wearing the skirt.

Front Clothe

This skirt is the Flamenco Mermaid Skirt in Red. I had to buy it in a size L and take in the waist due to my larger hips, and it fits absolutely perfectly now. The fabric has the perfect amount of stretch for wiggle and moving, and the flounces are amazing the way they swirl around your legs whenever you walk. If you’ve thought at all about maybe buying this skirt, do it, you will not regret it once you’ve worn it out.

Back Clothe

The top is the Jersey Cap Sleeve Top in Black which is my go-to everyday top, along with the one I bought in red. They only come in one size, but they are both very stretchy and opaque, so there is no concern about underwear underneath showing and they will definitely fit a large range of sizes and shapes.

Underneath I wore my Gossard Retrolution lingerie set in Blush, which I will be doing a review of very soon, with some What Katie Did Red Seamed Stockings.


My makeup was similar to my usual but with a few little twists. The first was I put Lit Cosmetics glitter on my lids, I have one of their Lit Kits in Tinsel Town which I bought from Flo Foxworthy. Cosmetic glitter is fantastic and I’m convinced I need it in pretty much every single colour. I also added a red streak underneath my wing extending under my eye using My Pretty Zombie Cosmetics’ eyeshadow in Epistaxis which I mixed with a little water as I don’t have an actual product to make it more like eyeshadow yet. My final change was that I did a little heart shaped beauty spot instead of a little dot! Not hugely interesting but I love all these products so thought I would share. The lipstick is the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella.

Our celebrations were mostly centered around food. Neither of us really buy into the idea of Valentine’s Day, so it was more of a day to relax and treat ourselves before we both go back to our studies.

We went out for dinner at a new Japanese restaurant where we stuffed ourselves. After we returned we rewatched some Breaking Bad and had home made Deep Fried Ice Cream, which was insanely delicious. There are also Chocolate puddings which I made yesterday in the fridge and some Gelato in the freezer incase we get hungry (unlikely) later.


I did however buy him a Salmon coloured rose which was delivered to the door from Woodstock Florist, all because of this tumblr post:

This is an unusual kind of post for me as it’s more about life details things, but there we go!


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