Vintage Clothing in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Hi all,

So here’s a post where some of my hobbies intersect. With my Christmas money I bought myself the New Nintendo 3DS XL in Black, along with Nintendogs for the 3DS and Animal Crossing: New Leaf from the Nintendo eShop. I used to play a lot of Animal Crossing: Wild World on my old DS but seeing as I got the new DS, I thought the new Animal Crossing would go well with it.

I am very into Animal Crossing (one day I spent 9 hours on it) so before long I was browsing the internet to see what things I could unlock and what was available. I found a bunch of adorable lolita outfits and had only lightly dabbled in making basic outfits. They inspired me to take some actual vintage items and try to replicate them.

So far I have made a few outfits, either inspired by vintage clothing or as close a reproduction as I could manage. I have included in game shots of the clothing on my person, on display and the QR codes.

Unfortunately this Vintage Western dress on Etsy has sold now, but it was one of my favourites which I almost bought. I couldn’t make the spacing as accurate but it would still fit right in with the Western furniture set.


This is based on the gorgeous Vivien of Holloway Halterneck Black Satin Gold Star Dress, which I need in my life. I changed the halterneck strap style and also added a gold sash, which is tied at the back as contrast. I obviously had to make the stars a fair bit bigger, but it works for nights watching the meteors showers.


This is a favourite of mine, it’s currently what I’m wearing in game and I am really tempted to buy the sweater it’s based off. I love snowflake Nordic-esque patterns and this one has such great colours


This next one was inspired by this dress I found on Etsy which is covered in adorable tulips. Unfortunately there is quite a small pixel space on the clothing so I wasn’t able to reproduce it as I had hoped but it has a nod to it, and the colour scheme is perfect for Spring coming up.


And last but not least my personal favourite! This is a 1950’s pinafore skirt with a red sweater. It’s inspired by an entry on The People History. I changed the plaid for ease and added a red sweater instead of yellow, one of it’s original colour combinations was actually red/black.


I hope someone enjoyed this! I know it is quite different to my usual kind of posting but I really enjoyed making them!


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