Pixel Panties – Excitement + Review

Hi everyone!

Today was a very exciting day, just before I went out I received a small package in the mail containing my Pixel Panties! I didn’t have time to open them up, and I really wanted to share the experience so I ran them back up to my apartment. I just got home and unpackaged them, photographing every step of the way and here they are! This will be a bit wordy until the end where I will show my unwrapping, feel free to scroll down until you reach the pictures if that’s more your thing.

I should give a little background first. Earlier this year in June I found an image on tumblr showing off a photo of underwear that looked like they were created with large pixels. I immediately clicked on their Indiegogo link and thrust my money at my screen. I enjoy both video games and lingerie and this seemed like some kind of dream. I chose the perk for “1 Pair of Pixel Panties” for $25USD with free shipping worldwide. I was very tempted to buy more but unfortunately I had just moved and didn’t have the funds.

Pixel Panties were the idea of Sebastião Teixeira and Cesaria Martins who are based in Lisbon, Portugal. The about page on their store says “After a night of intense video gaming we had a dream about sexy women in pixelated lingerie. We’ve always been told to follow our dreams. So that’s what we did. The next day we started designing what would become the world’s first 8-bit underwear. ”

The campaign was funded very successfully, reaching 175% of their of their goal. A month after it closed they sent an email out asking for the address for them to be sent to as well as the size and colour options. I decided to go with white for a more classic and easy to wear look. I was unsure of my size though. I wear both size M and L usually so I contacted them asking for advice. Cesária & Sebastião, the creators, were so kind, they asked for my measurements as well as the sizes I generally wear in different styles. They suggested a size M and I gratefully accepted. They even offered to exchange it for me if it didn’t fit when I received it. The waistband is quite snug, so if you are between sizes I would say size up.

The thing I also loved about Pixel Panties is that they were using modern technology in the production, which you can read more about on the Indiegogo page. They ended up making a custom microfibre fabric (89% polyamide 11% elastane), which the black pixel detail was then positioned on by hand before being printed in a big machine. The whole piece was then laser cut out of the fabric which also finishes the raw edges invisibly. They feature two flatlocked side seams for seamlessness and a cotton gusset. There’s also a transparent waist reinforcement fused to the inside of the fabric which has general label details. The fact that they are made in Portugal where they keep an eye on all the health and worker requirements is great. Ethical manufacturing is important to me and just makes them that little bit better and more special. Aaand to top it all off, for every pair of panties sold in their store, they donate a dollar to the Malala Fund.

Finally, the packaging is amazing, I have to show photos from every step!



Adorable pixel style envelope packaging.


Tiny pixel panties decorating the inside.


A nice fun little message.


The pixel panties, wrapped in black tissue paper and sealed with a sticker.





And there we have it!

As I said I bought these for $25 USD from the Indiegogo which included free shipping. They are now listed on their website for $27.50 USD (or 91.14mBTC :p), and unfortunately as they are all sold out now I am unsure on the shipping rates. They will be doing another run of them in February so keep checking their site to see when they return!

That’s all for now.


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