Making Pantyhose into Stockings

Recently I bought a pair of pantyhose/tights in a colour which perfectly matched my skin! This was an amazing discovery as I have struggled so much having such pale skin. These are the Lia nylon pantyhose by Levante and they seemed so glorious, until I put them on. ):<



It wasn’t the tights though, it was the sizing. I was on the borderline between Medium and Tall in both height and weight but decided to go with the Tall just so they wouldn’t slip down throughout the day. Hahaaaa, nope. Unfortunately even with sizing up the crotch part barely reached the middle of my thigh. With a lot of tugging I managed to get them near enough, close enough for the day but it was a lot of hassle and slightly uncomfortable.

So I decided that I would just attempt to make them into stockings. By the way the finished product doesn’t look so great as I was mainly just testing it out and it worked! Definitely use matching thread if you want to do this yourself.

First of all I cut of the full leg with some of the brief part attached as I discovered the brief section doesn’t fray or run ladders once it’s cut.



Next I cut a rectangle shaped section from the brief which I used for the welts. Cut the seams out of it so you have two flat rectangles. This next photo is of the excess brief pieces.

lev3 excess

Next I used a plain zigzag stitch with a stitch length of 1.6 and a width of 2 to close the backs of the welts. Sew the back seam of each one with right sides together.


lev4 band

I then sewed the welt to the leg of the stocking right sides together. I used a 3 step zigzag with a stitch length of 1.2 and a stitch width of 6. Alternatively a wide plain zigzag stitch could be used if you don’t have a 3  step on your machine. Also make sure the seam of your welt is at the back of the stocking (unlike me on my first one).

lev5 toglev6 tog

For the final step the stocking needs to be turned right side in with the seam facing in toward the welt. Then fold the welt in half, tucking the seam allowance into the welt as well. Stitch down the layers so that the 3 step zigzag sandwiches all layers.

lev7Next do the same for the other stocking and you will be all finished!

lev8 done


Here’s a picture of the finished product. The welt is a little small and cuts into my thigh, I think this could have been improved if I had made the welts wider as they do end up a little small after stretching. I would suggest utilising as much of the panty section fabric for the welts as possible.





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