First post- Intro

Okay well this is my first post, kind of a little introductory thing before I get settled into this blog and this year (despite almost being at the 3rd month in)

I am Xamia Arc, otherwise known as Anna, and I am the owner thing of Xamia Arc Clothing, and my various Tumblr blogs, do not ask why I have so many as well as this one but I do. At the moment I live in New Zealand about an hour out of Wellington, but I will soon be moving into the city for study and hopefully some work.

In this blog: I will be doing some sewing related things such as maybe some new styles I am thinking about adding to my store, or semi tutorials. At the moment I am working on two costumes far attending the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular in which will be my first proper posts about development of pattern and construction and such. I was thinking about doing a DW themed outfit for every month of this year just to try an challenge myself with costuming (there will be an Ood costume in there for the Armageddon Expo). I might also do some recipes and reviews of products- makeup clothing etc. I will attempt OOTD posts when I have something really nice I want to share, possibly some makeup tutorials (not that I have anything new to add, probably) and possibly do some blogging about lingerie, brands I like, fitting, maybe a review(/rant) or two. A lot of random jumbled up stuff and yeah, anyway I need to go and finish cutting out this fifth doctor costume as I have two full days before the day of the show :D, so toodles!


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