Troublemaker Swing Dress in Leopard Print

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It feels like it’s been so long since I reviewed some actual clothing on my blog, and indeed it has been! I’m not one to buy a lot of clothing and for me to buy something that isn’t second hand is even rarer. But today I am so excited to review the Troublemaker Swing Dress in Leopard Print by Vixen by Micheline Pitt!

If you haven’t heard of Vixen, it’s a brand owned and operated by style icon, artist, designer and all round creative babe Micheline Pitt. With Vixen she is striving to make uniquely designed and well made vintage-style designs available in sizes XS-4XL. Although she’s only been open for around a year she has a dedicated and loyal fanbase and it’s not hard to see why. Micheline puts her heart and soul into her designs making things she loves and would want to wear, such as makeup, halloween and fetish prints.

Anyway enough gushing and onto the review!


I’d been umming and ahhing over this dress for a while. I had heard from several of my friends that the quality of Vixen was second to none and they had become converts, wearing the styles on a daily basis. Micheline posted many photos of herself wearing it and said it was a great comfy day-to-day piece and I was about to graduate so I thought I’d treat myself! I am SO glad I did, I have been wearing this dress 2-3 times a week since I bought it I am so obsessed!


The ‘Brushed Textured Stretch Crepe’ is a really comfortable and forgiving fabric. It’s a nice medium-heavy weight stretch so it’s been keeping me so nice and warm in winter, though I think it will be easy to wear during transitional seasons too. I don’t love a textured fabric so when I first opened it up I was a little surprised but as soon as I put it on my body I was in love. It has a heavy bridal invisible zipper in it which is of amazing quality and feels like it won’t break at all, but I don’t need it as the dress is so stretchy I can just pull it on!


As my bust is around 38” and my waist is around 29” I bought the size Medium, as my measurements fit pretty well into the listed ones. When I first tried it on I was worried the sleeves were too tight but they became so comfortable after wearing it for a little. The belt that comes with the dress has 5 grommets and I usually wear mine on the second to last, or middle with a longline bra. I am very tempted to get the Zebra Print version and would consider sizing down to a Small but then buying a spare belt in size Medium as the waist on my current dress is a little loose if I don’t wear the belt.


I usually wear mine without a petticoat as I don’t own one, and I still really like the way it looks. This is a dress which I can really bang around in, doing anything from cleaning to constructing or even being on casual sets and of course looking glam the whole time. This dress also features insane pockets! As you can see I can fit my hand and half my forearm in them! All of the Vixen clothing is also made in well monitored factories in the USA and Micheline is very involved with the whole process of creation as she wants to create the best things. I could find no flaws in the construction of this dress and it looks like it will withstand a lot of wear!


If you want a really stylish yet comfortable dress BUY A TROUBLEMAKER DRESS, honestly I can’t recommend it enough. The dress costs around $170NZD and shipping is around $30NZD(mine took 11 days to get to NZ). I paid $204.49NZD with shipping, but of course this will fluctuate due to exchange rates. This is probably one of the most expensive dresses I’ve ever bought, and it is a huge investment. I’ve already worn it so much and know I will continue to get a lot of wear out of it!

It’s insanely comfortable and stylish, you can wear it on the go or in bed, it’s ethically made and of an incredibly high-quality. This dress has truly won over my heart.


Big thanks to my doll Miss Flossypots for taking these photos of me and having me round for leopardy doughnuts and chats!! Check out her blog if you don’t already subscribe!

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Bettie Page Lingerie Retro Futuristic Bra

As soon as I saw the reveal pictures for Bettie Page Lingerie last year, I knew I would be needing some of their sets! They seemed to really encapsulate the feeling of Bettie Page whilst still doing unique and afforable products.

Today I’m reviewing the Retro Futuristic Bra, a softcup wireless bra with an extreme point! I’m wearing this with the Black French Knickers which I will detail in another review.


I love how striking this design is, and I am a sucker for an extreme shape. I find it very interesting and unique! Bettie Page Lingerie is a line made by Playful Promises, a well known UK lingerie brand which make some gorgeous retro inspired pieces. Playful Promises have always had really exciting designs and have always carved out their own style so the Bettie Page name truely rests in the hands of those who know what they are doing. They are also a brand that manufactures ethically in China, if you are interested in reading more the founder Emma Parker wrote an article about in on The Lingerie Addict which is worth a read.


This bra is sized from S/UK8 – XL/UK14. This is a very rough size guide and there are no details on the product or size chart pages about cup fit other than bust measurements. I went with the size L/UK12 as my bust measurement is around 38 inches which is the size chart measurement. The cups fit me well and I think this size is a great cup fit for me as a 32E. Because the bra will hold it’s shape people with smaller busts can wear it without worrying about needing to fill it out. I would say larger cup sizes are the ones it may not work too well for.

Generally soft cup bras are made to fit B/C cups, so I ordered the L back on the assumption it was an approximate size of 36C which sister sizes to a 32DD. I am currently a 32E so it felt like a close enough size. The back fits fairly well. I’ve worn it quite a lot and haven’t felt desperate to take in the back, though I can pull it quite far away from my body, so it is something I should do.


The straps are a really good length, I tend to need mine shorter because I have smaller shoulders and there is still room to reduce them! As you can see they also have a lot to extend out which means making them fit a variety of shapes is easy. I also adore the front strap ‘V’, not only does it aid in the support but it’s a great little detail adding to the style.


And what a gorgeous bullet shape! I love bras with an extreme point such as this and the What Katie Did Padded Bullet Bra which I have previously reviewed. This has quite spaced and interpretive spiral stitching, that coupled with the strapping detail really gives it a futuristic look. I can totally see this on a 1960’s space babe! This reminds me so much of classic sci-fi films which I love, could you imagine this in silver?!

As you can see on me the cups are slightly mishapen, this is because the bra fits me really well rather than standing off my chest, so the weight of my breasts has made the bottom of the cups a little more rounded. This is something I do not mind and I do not see as a quality issue. This bra still has an extreme shape, and if anything I like that it conforms to my own shape as well!


I always love a website that includes NZD as a conversion! This bra was $46NZD which is tremendous value for such a great piece! This may not be a bra lending itself to starting to try vintage inspired lingerie, but for those debating going for a more extreme look this is a really affordable way to test the waters. I adore this bra and love it as a comfortable yet striking daily wear bra.

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Black as Midnight on a Moonless Night – Sugar & Vice

Hi all,

I am finally back for another blog post. I have been so busy coming to the end of my studies and I actually graduate next week! I will hopefully have a post up about my graduation next week and then I have a tonne of reviews ready and waiting!

Today I’m reviewing this gorgeous Twin Peaks inspired necklace by Sugar & Vice, a UK jewellery and apparel brand. Continue reading

Value Heaven – Ebay Longline Bra

Hi everyone,

I know longline bras are one of the pinup staples but it can be difficult to make an investment in something you aren’t sure will fit or flatter you. So I tried a cheap longline bra I bought from Ebay to see if it’s worth it! I puchased it from the store Value Heaven and I obviously bought black, but it is also available in white. Continue reading

Triumph Endless Comfort Wire-Free Bra Review

Hi all,

Welcome to another vintage style bra review. Today I am reviewing the Endless Comfort Wire-Free bra by Triumph. I have previously reviewed and adored their Poesie bra so I definitely had high hopes for this.

I bought this bra as I was desperately searching for a wire-free bra is my local stores -read: Farmers and Bendon. I have recently gone up a cup size and grown to despise wired bras so I just really wanted a new bra that fit my criteria. Continue reading